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Friday, November 4, 2011

What makes one happy?

3am this morning: I couldn't sleep. When I can't sleep, I reflect and then I write. I wrote a poem called, What makes one happy? Instead of typing it here, I've decided to post it in my handwriting AND narrate it on video. Guess you can say you're getting a double dose of it!  

Note: the date is incorrect, it should say 11-4-11 NOT 1-4-11. Sorry, maybe I was sleepy after all!
Enjoy and be happy :)

Watch it here on my You tube channel, DKirstene:


  1. Professor, you are the Bob Ross in words. :)

  2. Thank you mommy, it always means a lot to me when you read and comment on my writing. Love you so much :)

  3. Just watched the video too. You are one talented lady. We should all take the time to think about what makes us happy. Many people do their most creative thinking in the middle of the night!

  4. Thanks so much Kathy! That means a lot :)