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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Class, pre-birthday surprises, and realization

This was a very good week for me with the start of my ESL class, getting to know my students, and the anticipation of my birthday.

Class is in session: Tuesday was our first lesson where students introduced themselves, started the textbook, and me introducing my colorful and bubbly personality. Already students said I dress "beautiful," and always match my jewelry with my clothes. I love jewelry. For homework, they had to write a letter telling me about themselves, and why they want to learn English. Their letters were moving in reading their stories, hopes, American dreams, and appreciation for being in my class. One student wrote, "The first time I met you I knew you were a good teacher. I like you." I'm very honored. I appreciate them, because they give me purpose and make me love my job as a teacher even more. When discussing role models in our lives, they said I was theirs because I'm nice and make them feel comfortable. I believe they are my role models.

Pre-birthday surprises: I received a birthday card from one of my students yesterday. Her message was lovely, and I thanked her for thinking of me. Today I met up with a dear friend (and former student) of mine. I was her first teacher here in the U.S. In showing me the school she now attends, the ESL program coordinator yelled, "Dara!" I couldn't believe it, this program coordinator is my friend and former co-worker/teacher. We taught together at another ESL program. My friend/former student yelled, "Wow small world right?!" I replied, "Indeed it is!" It was great seeing both of them simultaneously. Later, my friend/former student went to my favorite park and took pictures which we both love to do! I always enjoy talking with her, because she is genuine and always have a positive attitude. I love her very much, and honored to be her friend and former teacher. Lastly, another friend of mine picked me up from work tonight and took me out to dinner. I always enjoy her company and listening to her stories. I love her too.

Reflection and realization: There's a saying, "The devil is always busy." This is particularly true when one is feeling happy. After all misery loves company. There are a few people I come across who are miserable. Some are envious, jealous, or just plain immature. There was a time when I would entertain such foolishness, especially if it meant putting my feelings on the line. I wouldn't say or do anything about it. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. I've learned that some people aren't meant to be your friend. Some things aren't meant to be apart of, or held on to. Efforts will be dismissed or unappreciated, and often times ignored. I am not one to shy away from this point, everyone has feelings at the end of the day. When feelings are being tested or challenged, there's only one thing to do...walk away from it. Everyone deserves to be happy, and to be around people who care about them. That's what I realized this week with the help of friends and my students. I thank them for reminding me that I am special and appreciated.

In this 31st year of life, I'm embracing happiness and peace of mind. I'm doing things differently this time around.

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  1. You are truly a "breath" of fresh air and it's a joy and my honor to be your mother. May God bless you always my Professor :)