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Saturday, April 7, 2012

In love with the unloved

Author's note: Dedicated to the "hopeless romantics" or in my words, the lovers of love.

I love you
You don’t love me
How can this be?
In my head I can see
Together and happy
Not trying to be sappy
Our qualities almost the same
My love doesn’t contain
Any falsehood or disdain
You are embedded in my heart
Have been from the very start
Thinking about you
Something I always do
Praying for your well-being
Quietly hoping you’re not seeing
But hope you’re having fun
Just want to be that one
To make you happiest
Among all the rest
That claim to love only you
Which may not be true
Can make you a promise
That I am no actress
My love is real in all ways
 Hope you’ll see that someday

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