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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Night thoughts and music

It's minutes to 11pm and I'm listening to my favorite song by Raphael Saadiq called "Moving down the line." I love the lyrics and its beat, makes me want to daydream. I really love listening to music, especially at night. It helps me to wind down, reflect, and of course write. I became emotional tonight when thanking my Mom for all she's done during my recovery from surgery. I am so grateful to her. I also became tearful reflecting on the many people who have touched my life in some form or another. It's a great feeling to know you're cared about.

Today I met with a dear friend and former student of mine. About 6 years ago, she was my student and new to the U.S. She didn't speak much English and very shy. She was always kindhearted; she would sometimes bring me breakfast from the bakery she worked at. After she completed my class, we kept in touch and a friendship developed. Seeing her today was great. How proud I am of her, she speaks English well, working, and living a good life. I love and appreciate her for always being a friend to me. We have a lot in common and both believers of God. We believe that everything happens for a reason, and it's God who makes all the decisions in our lives. He brought us together first as teacher and student to now friends. What an awesome God we serve!

Simple pleasures: I tried chocolate cheesecake today and it was so yummy! I told the owner of the diner that I want one for my birthday. He smiled saying "sure," and gave me a price list. It rained this evening, but before it did there were a lot of clouds. For some reason the way the clouds looked intrigued me. Maybe it's because I know the sun is always near. I wore many  bracelets (which I usually do) mostly purple and pink, and my favorite purple ring. I still have blue nail polish on; I love the color blue, especially in makeup whether its nail polish or eyeshadow. Humming to my favorite songs while doing my hair, spraying on nice smelling body spray, and deciding on what earrings to wear are all enjoyable to me. Making friends laugh to sending a smiley face via text message are my simple pleasures. Also, drinking a good cup of coffee adds to the pleasure! I believe simplicity adds to one's happiness. It doesn't take fancy things to satisfy someone, unless that's their preference. For me, the more simple something is the more enjoyable. A simple hello or a smile makes me happy, I've always been this way. In the sixth grade, I remember telling a friend that I wouldn't care if I had a pocket full of lint and a superbubble (gum), I'd be thankful. I was never one to be picky about things. I always appreciated kindness which ever way it came. Seeing my friends are part of my simple pleasures. It's the company I care most about.

April 1st and countdown to a new year: My birthday is April 22nd. I look forward to it because I'll be turning 31 and proud of it. I am not ashamed of sharing my age, because with age there's wisdom. I made a promise to myself that I will celebrate my life starting April 1st. Although life should be celebrated everyday, this is my birth month and my chance to do something special for myself. It's like a new year of Dara's life. I am making no plans for the 22nd, instead I am letting God decide what will happen if anything happens at all. All I care about is seeing another year and being happy in it. I have a lot to be grateful for.

I'm now listening to "Prototype" by Jesse Boykins III, another favorite. This song puts me in a mellow mood. The lyrics are beautiful and it's about love which is something I love listening about. Someday I will be in love, but for now music is my distraction. Time to dream, good night.

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  1. Your words are very inspirational
    Simple pleasures is the way to go. :)