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Friday, April 6, 2012

Spherical emotion

I am filled with many emotions tonight. Usually when I feel this way, I don't write because I don't want to babble. I will make an exception tonight.

I will miss you my friend

I saw one of my best friends today. This will be the last time I see her in a year or more. I am saddened by this even though I understand why she's leaving. It was nice seeing her and chatting for hours, like we always do relating on many things. She is someone I haven't met before. I joke and say we're like sisters from a different culture, because we're so much alike. I admire her wisdom and inner strength. She may be surprised by me saying this, because at times she doesn't feel so confident. She is modest, like me, and us modest types don't take credit for anything. At times we can be hard on ourselves, and feel we could be doing better. I used to feel I was the only one who felt this way. I realize I am not alone. She helped me see that in this big, and at times isolated city, there are people like us, simple, intelligent, loving, and modest. It's refreshing to know that, it's refreshing to know her. Although I respect her decision to leave, selfishly I want her to stay. I wish her well and much success. I will miss her.

Remembering 9/11

I visited the Sphere in lower Manhattan, steps away from the Freedom Tower which is still under construction. I've been wanting to visit it since it will be removed from its current location, Battery Park. Although I arrived to the park at sunset, I had to see this sphere, a symbol of hope and triumph from 9/11. There were several tourists around taking pictures. I took some too. I walked near the water and admired the sunset. I didn't stay long since it was getting dark, but had a chance to remember a day that changed New York City, our country, and the people in it. I felt sadness, because there are many who didn't survive that horrible day. How lucky am I to be able to reflect in front of this statue knowing I didn't have to be here. Reality set in, I became tearful but didn't cry. I guess the cool breeze wouldn't let me. I knew it was time to head home.

Spring Love?

Spring is the season when love is supposedly in the air. That's what society says, I don't know if this is true. For singles, it's something many of us wonder about. It's a discussion that's popped up several times, questions looking for answers, feelings that don't always make sense. Some of us want to be in love. Sadly some of us love someone that doesn't love us back, or don't know what love is, or just want to experience it. The question I keep hearing is, where are all the good guys/girls at? It's something I've asked myself too. In my opinion, I feel there are too many knuckleheads around. It's frustrating to want to date or have companionship and unable to find it. There's so much deceit and foolishness happening that it's difficult to know what's true. It's even harder to embrace love when you're not being loved back. This emotion is a beautiful one but it can be difficult to comprehend. I'm definitely no expert. If love is in the air, my hope is it will present itself to those of us who genuinely respect it for what it is. I'm still hopeful, I hope my single friends are hopeful to love too.

Always stand tall and be yourself. After all we have ourselves to love.

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  1. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. The City should leave the Sphere in Battery Park. As for love, I think the lyrics to Roberta Flacks song said it best:
    Where is the love
    You said was mine all mine
    Till the end of time
    Was it just a lie
    Where is the love