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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Poetic update

It's Saturday night
Sitting under a dim light
A sandwich in one hand
Listening to my favorite band
Reflecting on the past week
My mood has been bleak
Want to know why?
It may make you sigh

Thanksgiving came and went
Family thankful and content
Headaches been troubling me
Eyes hurt, unable to see

Workplace full of mishaps
Is it my color perhaps?
Snickers and rolling eyes
The heart cries
Bring awareness, speak out
The norm continues about
Isolated, not doing what’s meant
Unable to vent
Despite feeling like a crossword
Continue to push forward

Met nice people along the way
Help each other to be okay
Volunteerism is a passion
Affects from Sandy demands action
Desire to be part of the mission
Willing to help without any recognition

Family ties extremely important
Dad is my constant
Hospital visits, always a test
His health isn’t the best
Tries to hide it, won’t tell
Sad that he is not well
Worry haunts the mind
Life can be unkind
Dad is my strength, my confidant
Him not around I don't want

Love continues to love
God knows from above
Constantly express care for another
End up becoming a thought after
Why does love make a person run?
It’s better than feeling broken
Contemplate on this reasoning
Still leaves me baffling

It is December first
Time can’t be reversed
Preparing for the year to end
Ready to take on a new trend

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