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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Question of a Dream

Will the dream come true

During times of feeling blue

Looking at the big picture

Read inspiring scripture

Heaven is the sky

Comforts me when I cry
Wish to be in a peaceful place

Still carry myself with grace

Ugly sounds, nasty ways

Pray for better days

Neighborhoods in ruins

Air filled with heavy burdens

Lives crumbled, burned down

Slow movement, no sound

Offer a helping hand

Shoes filled with sand

Angered by so-called bureaucracy

With many treated badly

Here representing a service

Personal agenda is their purpose

Instead strive to be a leader

Change the nature of this culture

Where stepping on one another

Is not the way to go higher

Empowerment and giving back

Best way to get on track

Will the dream come true

There’s still so much to do

Palms open ready to receive

The faith I strongly believe

Drown my sorrows in a coffee cup

Remembering to keep my head up