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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The people pleaser

The people pleaser
Try to have the answer
Expected to have good outcomes
To other people’s problems
Listen to their woes
Stand up to their foes
Lend a hand, give a hug
You are like their drug
Satisfy their wants all the time
Saying “no” is a crime
When unable to provide
Quickly pushed aside
No room for selfishness
They could care less

There are no boundaries
For pleasers to please
Until they get tired of being used
Taken advantage of or abused
Learn to put self first
Makes their egos burst
“No” becomes the new word
To them that’s absurd
Two way street is established
Having their way has vanished

True friendship isn’t about pleasing
It’s about being honest and caring
A pleaser’s purpose on earth
Is maintaining their self-worth
Pay attention and be aware
Knowing who and when to be there

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