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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Come far

From baby to little girl
Talk to the wind and a squirrel
Picking rocks in grandma’s backyard
Write to receive pen pal postcard
Grammar school was fun
Love swinging under the sun
For five cents, chew super bubble
Like the crunch of eating an apple
Junior high was a horror
Two years filled with anger
Fights and gang violence
Classmates killed, Monday morning silence
Overcame bullying to salutatorian
Happy to graduate, felt born again
High school was a blast
Made many friends, years went by fast
Explored writing, loved geology
Roam through Central Park carefree
College years took many turns
Dropouts and several returns
Eventually graduating with a degree
Who’d have thought I ended up with three?
From interning as a geology major
A great experience I’ll remember forever
To teaching adult literacy and ESL
Something new I would surprisingly do well
First full time job, new profession
Enjoyed teaching in Manhattan and Brooklyn
Nice boss, co-workers and I became friends
Attended conferences on the weekends
Students worked hard, good personality
Always felt honored how they welcomed me
Dance and sing when teaching grammar
Learned about job search and interview posture
Would tell students that English is like a test
“It’s a process, always try your best”
Questionable budget cuts, hip illness
Classes stopped, feeling hopeless
Stand amongst many on the unemployment line
Smile pretending to be fine
January was the date for surgery
Quiet and gloomy Thursday
Scared but remained brave
Recovered and spiritually forgave
Wrote a lot, pursued a new career
Will begin grad school next year
Teaching is missed everyday
Currently volunteer near a favorite café
Still unable to land a job, feel like a failure
Wish I could erase this ugly picture
This time of life is rough
Wonder if I’ve come far enough

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  1. Bravo!! Your journey is just beginning..........