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Monday, April 29, 2013

Nails, flowers, and dining


I'm a girly girl. I love nail polish and enjoy changing colors or experimenting with new ones. I decided to go with green with some added sparkle. I love bling too! Standing at Starbucks yesterday waiting for my usual, chai latte, I decided to snap a picture of my pretty nails. They're simple yet shiny. Every spring, I like to wear colors that represent the season, as well as fit my personality. Usually those contain metallics, bright, earth tone colors. I wear dark colors sometimes but mostly during the winter season. I'm an earthly woman (born on Earth Day), bubbly, and a nature fanatic. Colors are a great way to represent one's personality. Sparkle just enhances that in my opinion. Oh and yes, the chai latte was super yummy!


They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. I would agree it certainly is mine. It's also my birthstone (hint hint to my future fiancĂ© out there). However, I think flowers are also a girl's best friend. I love flowers. I love all types but especially love sunflowers (hence my email name), carnations, tulips, and of course roses. Another reason I love the spring season is the blooming of flowers. I had a chance to experience some pretty ones at the Brooklyn Promenade. I went there to reflect by the waterfront, but also to check out the flowers and interesting payphone. Payphones in the city are seemingly becoming outdated, at least the traditional one. Virtual payphones are in the works. I like technology but sometimes I feel we're becoming a robotic world. What's going to be next, virtual people, virtual emotions? I hope not! For now, it's best I enjoy nature in its real form. Some things computers just can't replace. 


I'm still celebrating my 32nd year of life as April ends. I feel blessed to have reunited with some former co-workers and friends as they celebrated with me. We laughed, ate well, and caught up on life's happenings. I visited my friend at her bakery in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. I used to go there every day when I used to teach. We haven't seen each other in a long time. It was nice to spend time with her and have the delicious baked goods. She makes the best tea and coffee. Yes I had both and don't feel guilty about it! I also saw another friend who frequents there often. It was nice to see him too. I love going to Sunset Park neighborhood. I hope to live there someday. The way I walk through the neighborhood, one would think I already do.

It's no secret how much I enjoy eating good food. I like to go out to restaurants and especially diners. Diners I love most because it feels like home. The people are usually friendly and the atmosphere is down-to-earth. I also like that you can stay for long periods without being rushed. I like to eat different types of cuisine, and enjoy good presentation. I love pasta and occasionally a glass of wine. I like beer and certain liquors but wine is my favorite. I don't like strong, bitter alcohol. It hurts my stomach.   I like wine, because it's so classy. Something about having it with a nice pasta dish makes me feel elegant. I'm such a simple person; it doesn't take much to make me happy. 


I took some days off from writing, volunteering, and being on social media. I do this sometimes to be one with myself. I miss the camaraderie from everyone, but I'm always around paying attention to what's going on. I'm on a journey focusing on inner peace and prayer. I pray always, but I'm learning to strengthen my spirituality and faith. Inspiration is important in my life. It's what keeps me motivated in pursuing all my dreams. I'm putting me first in decisions made, activities or social things I'm involved in, and most importantly maintaining self-care. I have some things to look forward to, but need to be ready emotionally to be successful. I already took steps towards that. Stay tuned.

PS: I love music. It really helps keep me grounded. It's a part of me.

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  1. You are true to the meaning of your name Dara, a pearl of wisdom.
    You make me smile :)