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Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Teacher" returns and an unexpected week of surprises

Where should I begin? In writing this I have a huge smile on my face, because of how great this week turned out to be! The saying, "expect the unexpected" is definitely true. This week was truly full of nice surprises, reflection, and inspiration. I am grateful for it all.

"Teacher" returns: Remember in my blog post "A reflection and nice days" I stated there was something I wanted to share but was awaiting confirmation? Well the wait is over friends. I, Dara K. Fulton better known as "Teacher" is returning back to the ESL classroom! I signed the paperwork on Thursday and my coordinator smiled saying, "Great to have you back on board." I replied, "Thank you, it's good to be back." I am so happy and can't stop smiling. I will be teaching a level 4 intermediate class starting April 16th. How great it is to go back to doing something I love days before my 31st birthday! God is good. I look forward to a successful semester and to meet my new students. I have my smiley face stickers ready! Let the lesson planning begin.

PT improvements and hard work: I returned to the hospital to do a balancing test on Monday. I'm part of a research project of patients who had the same hip surgery I had. Since it's a new procedure, doctors want to see how effective the surgery is for patients 6 weeks and a year after the surgery. I'm a supporter of research. I had the PTs laugh by bragging how "well" I am because I can walk. Of course they know better. I can walk but I still have work to do. The balancing test I did pre-surgery was difficult. I stumbled a lot and felt embarrassed. This time I was able to balance much better. When done, I did a little dance having one of the PTs say, "You're like the happiest patients we've had in a while!" There's definitely improvement. On Thursday before seeing my coordinator, I started physical therapy and met my physical therapist. He is very nice and had me do several exercises. Some were fine but one in particular was difficult. I see my physical therapist twice a week, but have to do the exercises at home twice every day for two months. Although hard, it's worth it because it will strengthen my walking and balance. Like they say, no pain no gain right?

Friendship: I saw one of my best friends on Wednesday. I love her because she is herself and we relate to each other in many ways. I always enjoy our conversations, and love of food. We both enjoy good cuisine from a variety of places and cultures. Also, I feel comfortable sharing things with her I wouldn't with others, because I know she truly understands me. Sadly, she is going back to her home country in a week and I feel sad. I will miss her. It's rare to meet someone who is much like yourself. I told her that the next time I see her it will be in her country. I really mean that. I hope to hangout with her before she leaves.

I had the pleasure of meeting a new friend from my Facebook group, The Mocker Trail Team which is based on my friend and PIX 11 news reporter, Greg Mocker. Her name is Dawn and we met yesterday. She is very sweet and has a great sense of humor. We both love to laugh and have fun. Also, we're both coffee buffs which is great! Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are our favorite, for their coffee and lattes of course! In my group, I call the ladies Mockettes and the guys Mockers to represent our favorite news reporter. I'm trying to get the group to meet on several occasions. I am happy I had a chance to meet a fellow Mockette, and I look forward to hanging out again with Dawn and everyone soon.


During my outings, I had a chance to reflect and spend time in the city something I haven't done in a while. I saw the Occupy Wall Street folks, some street dancers, and visited Barnes and Noble (both their book and textbook stores). I found a cool bead store and made a new friend, a fellow rock collector like me! I bought the Nook color (an early birthday gift to myself), two textbooks about social work, some jewelry, and new clothes. I haven't shopped for myself in ages and it felt good to do so this week.

Part of my reflection was to celebrate self. I feel I've come a long way as a woman. I've overcome heartbreak, health woes, layoffs, ending friendships, and depression. I haven't been happy inwardly for a long time.Presently, I feel happier and spontaneous. My attitude now is life is short and the time is now to live for self, live for the moment, and ignore all negativity. Also, I'm enjoying my friends more. I'm showing them love instead of just saying it. I like going out and plan to do more. On a personal note, I've been pondering on the dating idea. I have some reservations about it, but I'm learning to be open-minded and go with the flow. Besides, it would be nice to go out with a gentleman once in a while. Let's see what happens. I look forward to my 31st year, because I believe it will bring more surprises and newness in my life.

It's time to smile now.


  1. I am so glad to be reading such an uplifting account of your experiences. I am so happy for you. Happy for your return to teaching. I know you miss it. I know from the Facebook postings that your students respect, enjoy and miss you. Happy for your return to good health through your rehab. You must be faithfully following instructions to have regained so much strength and balance. Happy for you as you meet with your old and new friends. The Trail has brought you much notoriety. Please continue to lead it. Happy you share your awesome pictures. Happy your are celebrating yourself. Way to go girl!

  2. Awe thank you much my friend. Friends like you have given me strength through your support and kindness. I am happy to be returning to something I love so much, teaching. I look forward to a new semester and experience. Thank you for reading and for the lovely compliments! I enjoy sharing with you and everyone who reads this blog. As for the Trail, I believe we are all on the trail of something different. How nice through our trails we meet and share so much in common?! ((Hugs)) and thank you for being my friend :)