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Monday, August 20, 2012


What gives you joy? I wonder how many of us take the time to think about that. Joy can be in many forms, felt in many ways, or found in things we do or people we admire. The key is to have joy within self, because that allows joy to enter our lives. Finding and having joy are two different things. Some people have joy in their heart but unable to find joy in things they do or people they're with. Why is that? I wish I had the answer. At times I feel this way too. Then there are people who have no joy within and are searching for it. Sadly, this can be a difficult task. Joy reflects off a person. If you're not happy with self, others will pick up on that. If you're happy with self, people will gravitate to you. Now, what if you're the introverted type? Does that make that person less joyful? Not at all. I know some people who are happiest when alone. For those who like to be alone, it's necessary to do or be around things that makes them happy. Loneliness can lead to sadness.

How does one find joy?

There's no set formula except to think of things that you like to do, see, hear, spend time with etc. If you're a social bug, like me, being around people can make you happy. Conversations, hanging out, or doing an activity together can make you and the people your with happy. If you're the "by myself" type, then certain activities like going to a movie, eating at a local cafe, or enjoying a sports game, can make you feel good. When those times of despair come in (we all have those moments), this is when finding joy can be a challenge. For me, going by the water, listening to songs full of singing, or writing helps me deal with the down time. Some of us social types can easily become introverted when we feel sad. I know I tend to be alone when down. Mainly it's because of pride; I don't want to ruin any one's mood. Some introverted types become social when down (I've seen this happen). They want to be around groups of people, laugh, and not concentrate on their problems. This is good if done for the right reasons. Whether alone or with people, being able to deal with the problem is necessary. Once it's done, you can be happy again.

Are you happy?
Sometimes this is a difficult question to answer. In my opinion, it's a question we should all ask ourselves from time to time. If we say 'yes,' we have to mean it. After all, it's just you you're revealing this to. If our answer is 'no,' that has to be evaluated. This is where reflection comes in. We can't run away from ourselves, all we can do is face it and try to be happy. Happiness is important, it makes life more worthwhile.

Embrace joy.

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