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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Keeping the faith

I had a second interview this past Wednesday. I received an email from the employer on Friday stating I didn’t get the position. I shed a tear that evening. Took a walk on Saturday, vented my emotions to my mom, who is my rock, and allowed nature’s elements carry my thoughts into the atmosphere.  It was supposed to rain that evening. Lucky for me it didn’t rain. Instead I enjoyed the sunset and took a deep breath. There’s so much going on, things I want to express, but this time I rather keep them between God and I. I know He’s always listening, watching over me. Only He truly understands how I feel, what my desires are, and what I’m capable of doing. Not getting this job bummed me out because for the first time I felt confident that I got it. Usually when I go to job interviews, I’m not always confident. I try not to get too excited even when things look possible. I got excited for this position, because it’s my career. It was an ESL teaching position. When I did my demo lesson on Wednesday, I felt good afterwards. I liked how I answered the questions from the executive director; I walked out with my head held high. This position would have allowed me to teach and give back to my community. It was located in my neighborhood. Sigh. Everything happens for a reason. I have to try harder next time. I know there’s something out there for me. I have to keep my head held high and keep the faith. One way or another I will make a difference in this world. I will continue to try my best.

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