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Friday, August 3, 2012

The week off

I was off this week. I didn’t make any plans or do anything special. I stayed home unless I went to the store. I purposely stayed home this week, because I needed to. I believe there are times when one must make time for themselves. In my case, I still kept in contact with everyone, still posted on Facebook and said hello to my Twitter friends. I opted to use this time to reflect and decide the next steps in pursuing my goals. I spent a lot of time praying (which I do every day) and talking with family. This week I found out my dad was in the hospital. As of now he’s okay but I haven’t had much luck reaching him. At times he doesn’t answer his phone. I keep him in my prayers and appreciate my friends for doing the same. I cried some this week, not out of sadness but joy. I had an interview last week and will have a second one next week. I am hopeful that I get this position. If I do, I will reveal what job position it is. I applied to grad school and my application is being reviewed. That’s another check on the to-do list. I pray I get in. It would be one step closer to reaching my ultimate goal and that is to get a Master’s in Social Work degree. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. There is something else I’ve been working on for months now, something that will definitely put a smile on my face. When it happens, you’ll be the first to know.

And then there’s the writing. I have a secret I must share with you. I have a fear of rejection, of my writing that is. I realized that when the thought of submitting my stories and poetry to writing contests or publishers made me nervous. Thoughts of “What if it’s not good enough” came to mind. Normally, I just go for it but for the first time I doubted myself. Instead of dwelling on it, I prayed and listened to my inspirational CD. By the next morning, I told myself the following: You are a writer. You write to share your creatively to the world. How will the world ever know it if you keep it all locked in? As for rejection, so what! Not everyone will like what you say or do but then again someone just might. You won’t know unless you try.  I opened up the laptop and got to work. My dream is to be published, whether it’s an article in a magazine or newspaper, or write a book, I want my name in print more now than before. I want my own ISBN number.

Certain people crossed my mind this week. Some I haven’t heard from in a while, others I hope are alright. I always pray for my friends, even if some mean more to me than a friend. I may not be in their lives like that but I’m always around whenever they need me. No update on the dating department, I’m not thinking about it. I’m too excited about what’s to come in my life. Plus I’m just stubborn. If someone’s interested to date me, I’m not that hard to find. *smile*

Here’s to a good weekend. I predict next week to be a good week.

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