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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Turn around, let's try this again

Let's try this again. I attended another interview this week, a position that interests me. A combination of teaching ESL, job readiness, and counseling. Right up my alley. The interview went well and lasted for over an hour. I learned about a new agency and met some nice ladies. I felt confident expressing my interest in the job position, my experience teaching ESL, and pursuit to becoming a social worker. I overheard the director say to the coordinator and assistant director, "She's good." I left smiling. Even if I don't get this position, I'm still grateful I had this opportunity.

A reminiscing moment

I took a walk in Chinatown after my interview on Wednesday. I passed by the school where my ESL teaching career began. I taught ESL classes weeknights at this school for two years. I thought about my students and wonder how they are. I wonder if some of them are still taking English classes. I remember my co-workers, and the days we would meet after work, drink bubble tea and discuss our classes. Good times. I miss them and my students. So much has changed since 2005. It was nice passing through the neighborhood again.

For the love of God

It's no secret that I am a believer of God, and I'm proud to admit that. I grew up loving and believing in God and Christianity. Although I don't belong to any church or particular sect, I read the Bible and believe in Jesus Christ. This is my belief. I'm not one to preach or tell people what and who they should believe in, because everyone has a right to feel what they want. However, I'm not surprised by the distancing I receive from some people when God's name is mentioned. It's as if I said a bad word (bad words are more accepted these days). For years, I've hid my feelings about my belief in fear that I would offend others. Even now I rarely mention God's name to my "friends." Notice I put quotations on the word friends. The truth is I don't trust everyone I call a friend, because not everyone is or acts like a friend. In regards to my belief, some "friends" shy away from me, or even become uncomfortable. It's unfortunate but understandable. I'm becoming closer to God, I can feel it. In a perfect world, everyone would believe in God. Since I know that's not possible (unless it's His will), I would like to meet people who are believers like me. It makes it easier to discuss God without getting ugly faces or attitude thrown at me. I believe my spirit is growing stronger where I can tell who's being honest or transparent. If confronted about this, some run away. The old me would run after them, the new me won't. I believe if people are meant to be in your life they will. I won't chase after anyone. I will pray for them instead. I once learned in Bible study that the closer one gets to God, the lonelier one can feel because many (who don't understand) will leave you alone. I'm seeing that now, but I don't care. I will always love God and He loves me.

Turn around

As a new week approaches, I look forward to doing things a little differently. Fall season is rapidly approaching, and it's usually the time I'm in school, teaching, or both. So far I'm doing neither, but who said it can't happen? I was never one to need financial benefits to make a difference. Where there's a will there's a way. I will find that way. Stay tuned.

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