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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Moving encounter

I hugged a stranger today. She cried on my shoulder. She was in despair and didn't know how to deal with her current circumstances. She wanted to give up. I encouraged her not to. I handed her a tissue to wipe away her tears. I shared those tears with her except mines stayed within me. She wondered if God was listening to her cries for help. I assured her that He is, because God always listens. The problems she's having aren't problems I haven't heard before. It's just the first time someone I didn't know shared them with me. She is losing her job this week and is sad. I understand and know what it's like to lose a job. We wished each other good luck. Before leaving, she hugged me again thanking me for listening. She said, "God bless." I said the same, and told her I will keep her and her family in my prayers. I prayed after she left.

I believe I may have saved her life.

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