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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Going through my thoughts


I'm sitting here listening to music and thinking about the snow that we received on Friday. I admit I'm not much of a snow fanatic, but it was beautiful walking through the park with snow flakes falling on me...especially on my eye lids. I don't know why but I like it! I even played in the snow, smiling in it and taking pictures as the snow fell over everything! This is the first season I am enjoying the snow. I guess I am changing as I get older...strange.

Tomorrow is Monday, second week of the new year already. Time is going by fast. I have so much to do this week, and although they're all positive things, I still become anxious about the new challenges I may face. I have a few waiting for me, but I promise myself I will keep an open mind and stand tall. I am happy I am keeping busy, and have the ability to walk again. This time last year, I slipped on ice and hurt my hip to a point I couldn't walk. Going from doctor to doctor, physical therapy and constant examinations, I was miserable. I feel thankful I can walk and enjoy the things I used to do before my injury. I believe one shouldn't take things for granted, because you never know when it'll all change.

They're talking about snow for this week again. Let's hope it won't be another blizzard. But if it is, then I'm ready to make my snowman! :)

New week, new beginnings.

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  1. Professor, did you ever think about photography as a career? I just love this picture.