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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My little tree

My little tree stands tall under all weather conditions. I notice her everyday I walk to work. She hangs over calmly, although when it's windy she has a hard time standing up straight. She seems relaxed, not caring if it snows, sleet, or rains. She still looks beautiful and healthy. I'd like to think of myself as this tree. That despite anything, I will stand tall. I always want to be calm when things don't go my way, or feel confident when there's uncertainty. Sometimes I feel I am leaning like my tree. Our reasons are different of course. She leans because this is how she's built. I lean because I feel lost, lonely, or sad. I lean when I don't know what to do, or can't solve a problem. At least during bad weather, she sustains it without too much damage. Unfortunately, I have the constant reminder that in icy weather, I can slip and fall. When I slip, it's uncomfortable, when I fall it cripples me. I cannot walk, and I no longer feel whole. Like my tree, I want to be beautiful beyond any situation. Beauty is a great thing to have and it's not only physical. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'd like to think I'm beautiful like my tree. I wonder how much abuse she had to take to remain her beauty? Abuse can take away a person's beauty if allowed. It almost happened to me.

My tree and I lean, sustain all types of weather conditions, and may take some form of abuse, but overall we maintain our beauty. We continue to stand tall.


  1. "And then I rise" - Maya Angelou

  2. You are the tree, sustaining all and standing tall.