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Saturday, January 15, 2011

public office and New York City--are they for me?

With all the news that's going on today, sometimes I ponder about getting involved in public office. Although I was never one to be interested in politics, I feel more compelled to keep up with what's going on in our local, state, and federal government. As a New Yorker, I'm very concerned with the way this city is being ran, especially when it comes to our transportation system, housing, education, and job market. Of course, these issues aren't limited to just New York, but since I live here, I can only express how these issues affect me. I feel our housing costs are too high, transportation is okay but could be better, unemployment still exists, and education needs a lot of improvement, especially with adult education. I don't mean to single out adult education, but since I am an adult educator of English as a Second Language, I feel adult literacy gets pushed aside and not considered a priority. Also, I feel the response to problems in this city tend to be insensitive or nonchalant especially from those individuals who are in charge of public safety, transportation, or job security. I feel this place is becoming cold, not caring about the people. It's sad because I've lived here all my life and feel instead of us getting better, we are losing our priorities and image of being the "greatest city in the world." I'm starting to doubt that we are the "greatest city in the world," more like the most difficult. I hope to become involved in public office someday to fight for the people and stand up for what's important. Maybe someday I'll get that chance.


  1. I agree with you D. If you want this change and make a difference, you will have to start somewhere. So begin volunteering in a place where you can make an impact.

  2. Dara K. for Mayor, um... maybe Dara K for Governor or even President? Why not? Don't limit yourself. You will always have my vote. :)