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Friday, January 7, 2011

A lonely train ride

Heading to a training class, I found myself alone on the train. Usually I feel nervous, but for some reason I didn't. I felt calm and relaxed. The heater beneath the seat warmed me from being out in the cold. I listened to my music and began to daydream. I reflected on my first week of class, the new students I met, seeing my co-workers, and adjusting myself to my new work schedule. I thought about getting close to finishing school, doing my internship, and the joy I will feel when I walk down the aisle. I daydreamed about the newness of 2011 and what I want to accomplish. I daydreamed about my future and the people I'm going to meet. I thought about someone I admire and hope to meet someday. "This is Broad Street,  last stop on this train." I heard the announcement as we pulled into the station. I knew I had to break from my daydream and walk off the empty train. I didn't feel lonely anymore.

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  1. Nice picture and the train looks clean. Sometimes a train ride is not so bad. :)