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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Harmful texting or lack of good judgment?

There are some stories that really touch my heart, especially when it comes to people with disabilities and budget cuts. What happens when people with disabilities, who don't always get the services they need, discuss their concerns at a public hearing and are being ignored? This is what happened today at a MTA board meeting in Long Island, NY. Disabled residents expressed their concerns over proposed cuts to their LI buses and Able-Ride services to MTA board members. As residents spoke, a MTA board member was  texting on her cell phone. Although she did some listening, most of the time she was found texting during testimony. This bothered me, because of the lack of consideration she had for residents' concerns. Besides, texting during a hearing is just plain rude. Although she has admitted to her wrongdoing, it has left a bad impression of her character and I believe, to anyone watching those proceedings. This is definitely a "shaking my head" (SMH) moment.

MTA Board Member Can't Stop Texting During Public Testimony [VIDEO],0,3736191.story



  1. This was blatant disrespect! I agree her behavior has left a ad impression of her character. She owes everyone an apology.

  2. "a bad" not a"a ad"

  3. Once again the less fortunate are ignored. This was very disrespectful and unprofessional.