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Sunday, March 27, 2011

What is happening to New York?

Breaking news today. The Governor of New York has come up with a tentative budget for New York State. The goal is to "reduce spending by 2 percent," and to put a stop to years of "overspending" and "overtaxing" which have made people leave New York. However, this budget plan may cause a reduction in MTA funding that will cost transit riders more money to take buses and trains.What is happening to "The greatest city of the world?" Have things gotten so out of hand that we can no longer control our budget? And how much MORE do straphangers have to pay just to get from point A to point B?

Here's today's article from the New York Times discussing the Governor's tentative budget plan, and a blog that describes it in detail.

From the New York Times: Cuomo Strikes Deal on New York Budget With Big Cuts

From Streetsblog New York: Assembly and Senate Would Strip Another $170M From Transit Riders


  1. Does anyone control a budget today? NY? USA? Do you? How many of us live within our budget today? The credit card was the downfall of our personal balanced budget.

  2. I'm a State worker and whatever the Governor decides will also decide my fate job wise. Enough already.... :(