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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


She wants to hide. A small hut catches her eye. She runs inside. She hears some giggling. She kneels down into a shallow corner. The giggling becomes louder. She closes her eyes hoping not to be seen. Eventually, the laughter fades. Silence. She feels a sigh of relief. She stands up against the intertwined wall, and breathes quietly. The hollow hut suddenly becomes warm. A ray of light peeks into the small spaces, surrounding the hut completely. She looks up and sees the sun. "I thought I was alone. I was trying to hide," she says aloud. A cool breeze passes across her face. She hears a quiet whisper. "You are never alone. You cannot hide from me, because I am always with you. You don't need to hide anymore." She stands still. Tears fill her eyes. She walks out of the hut, looks up at the sun and says, "Thank you."

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