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Monday, March 28, 2011

How safe are social workers?

Social workers are the "go to" people when it comes to helping their clients. They not only have to assess clients and manage their files, but also investigate their backgrounds (family, criminal, health history etc.). This is to ensure that the worker knows about the client and their needs. As part of this dynamic process, social workers make home visits where they can see first hand how their client is living. The process on paper may sound easy, but it's a difficult and unsafe process. Social workers put their lives on the line every time they enter a person's home. No one can predict the temperament of the client, the people living with him or her, or the environment of the residence. The situation of the client may involve abuse, drugs, mental illness, or something that can easily put the worker at risk. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) have been promoting worker safety, and continues to work hard to get laws passed that protects social workers.

The following article describes the recent deaths and violent acts done to social workers, and how the NASW is working towards worker safety.

From Social Work Today: Violent Crime and Social Worker Safety


  1. This was an eye opening article. It is so very sad that so many of the helping fields have become so dangerous. Those who go to work every day to help others and improve their circumstances should not have to worry about personal safety. What is our world coming to?

  2. I couldn't agree more. It's very sad and more needs to be done to protect social workers' safety. They are there to help us, we need to do right and help them remain safe.

  3. Social workers, teachers, and others who work with the public should not have to worry about their safety. The world has truly tip over. What's going on........