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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Moment in the Night

The weather is odd tonight
Hail falls onto the ground
An eerie sound fills the air
No one in sight

The streets slick and wet
I watch from my window
Wishing I could be outside
To experience
Mother Nature’s dance
In the dark

TV glares blue light
Filling the room
Soft music, incense
The sweet smell of African musk
Touches my soul

Laying on the bed
I quietly travel
Into my world
Of hopes, dreams
And many uncertainties

Reminiscing childhood memories
Times of laughter and simplicity
Re-gain my inspiration
Falling in love again

June accomplishment is near
A lifelong career in humanity
I smile wondering
Hidden treasures
That awaits me

A sudden flash of light
Crashes against the window
Loud roaring, heavy rain
Mother Nature cries hard

I lay still
Listening to the raindrops

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