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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An anniversary free-write

I'm listening to "Waste" by Foster The People. It's 5:43pm. It's gloomy outside, but since it's dark one can't tell the difference. I'm still not used to the time change. I miss summer already. The good news is, this month makes 1 year of the Creative Corner; that makes me smile. I feel this blog has brought many people here, and created new friendships along the way. I am incredibly grateful to EVERYONE who's been reading this blog, and for allowing me to express my creativity with you. This year was filled with surprises, disappointments, life changes, self-reflection, and overall fun. I love to write.

Lately on Twitter, I've received comments of how this blog inspires people. That means the world to me, because that was always my goal. I write in a way that's not only creative, but personal. I do this to give a voice to those who aren't able to express themselves. I believe in inspiration, and feel sharing inspiration is a great way to bring people together. If this blog brought people together, then I accomplished my goal. It's not easy to be completely honest about yourself when there's an audience of strangers reading your inner thoughts. There's always risks involved, but I've been blessed not to receive any hate mail or disrespectful commentary. In fact, the response has been positive and beautiful. I'm proud of myself for this accomplishment, and for keeping it real.

I should note that all the pictures used on this blog is my own. I love photography and although I'm no professional, I like to capture Life through my eyes. I take pictures at random, storing them on my computer or cell phone. I may not post them right away, but when I need something to visually show what I'm expressing they come in handy. I've become inspired by some of the pictures I took, and wrote stories and poetry based on them. An example, "The Road" poem was inspired by its accompanying picture, a street aligned with trees and a jeep driving ahead. I truly believe inspiration can come from anywhere, anything, or anyone.

So what's next for my creative corner? I'll let inspiration make that determination. I look forward to the next road I follow, continue to be one with the sun, create my own love story, cry tears of joy, and have good weekends ahead. Overall, continue being happy.

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  1. WONDERFUL............. :)
    Your pictures are magnificent and so are you.
    Happy Anniversary to you Dara and your Creative Corner.