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Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Spirit

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love the bright lights, the ornaments on a green, white, or silver tree; I love the glitter on decorations. I love glitter in general. I enjoy walking barefoot on the cold floor, and smelling baked biscuits in the oven. I like listening to Christmas carols playing on the CD player, and admire how nicely decorated the apartment is. I enjoy receiving text messages of "Happy Holidays" from friends, and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas on Facebook and Twitter. Watching my mom make us coffee with our favorite coffee creamer, prepare to indulge on warm biscuits, and thanking God for allowing us to see another year, makes me feel grateful. Christmas has changed a lot for my family, some good, some bad, but we're happy to be in each others company. That's what counts. It's never been about receiving gifts to make Christmas special for me, giving them is more fun. I like to see the surprise on my mom, brother or dad's face when they receive my gifts. The same goes for friends too. One of the things I love doing (and been doing so since I was a child) is sticking all the bows on me. I love bows for their different colors and designs. Every year I take a picture of me with the bows on. Maybe I will do that again this year. This year is very different. Economy has been hard for us, my health hasn't been good, and this is more of a quiet time than festive. At times that makes me sad; most of the time I feel lonely. It's just mom and I now, and majority of my friends don't celebrate this holiday. Despite that, I promised myself to reflect on the good things that happened this year, and use that as inner strength. I may not have many bows to wear this year, maybe none, but I smile knowing what this holiday is all about. It's about love for the people you care about. That's what gives me the holiday spirit.

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  1. Oh my :) I know this holiday season is not a good time financially and people are not feeling very celebratory BUT, we will make the best of it because we have one another. :)

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS to one and all!!!!!!!