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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

The Christmas spirit was definitely felt, especially by me. The joke today was that my reindeer antlers were sprinkled with magic dust, because I acted silly and laughed a lot. A good friend reminded me of the importance of doing things differently. I couldn't agree more. One tradition that hasn't changed is me walking barefoot on the cold floor, and overjoyed by the warm smells of the house. My mom baked biscuits, and was preparing for tonight's dinner. Christmas carols played in the background, from jazzy Christmas songs to A Charlie Brown Christmas. Our little light display of artificial pine tree branches, garland, snowman nicknacks, brought the holiday spirit into the house.

I wore my favorite perfume, as I do every year, did my hair, and put on some makeup. I took pictures and for the first time in a long time, I admired my features. I love my eyes. That would explain why I love eye makeup so much. And as I snapped away, the bell rang and my brother was here. Mom and I welcomed him and it felt like a complete family again. While waiting for the food to be done, we decided to open gifts. Before we did, I hugged my brother telling him he's my gift. Mom said, "Awe" and I smiled. Opening gifts were different because we focused on taking pictures of our reactions more than what we received. I was the main photographer. It was fun. We later ate, prayed and thanked God for being here. What a nice way to end the day by receiving a phone call from my dad. I always love hearing from him. Another nice Christmas, another nice experience.

I sang Christmas carols, made jokes, took pictures, and laughed more than usual. Although mom and bro were concerned about my hip (I wouldn't sit still), I didn't feel the pain. I simply said, "I'm too happy to worry about this old hip!" I texted friends, tweeted and wished everyone happy holidays on Facebook. I even posted pictures of me being silly, not concerned what response I'd get. I was just being me.

Merry Christmas 2011.

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