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Monday, December 26, 2011

Sunrise Monday

I didn't sleep last night. I'd finished writing and downloading music. Listening to music always makes me happy, especially tunes I haven't heard in a while. I laid on my bed, staring into the darkness allowing random thoughts dance around in my head. The house is quiet, barely no cars driving by or people talking outside. Each song I listen to brings a new thought, sometimes a reminiscing moment, or I draw a blank. I think of many things, people, places; I pray a lot too. My eyes are stinging from being up til 4am the prior morning, and now it's 4:49 this morning. I closed my eyes attempting to empty out any leftover thoughts, letting the music drift me off into another world. Before I knew it, I was saying good morning to friends on Facebook and Twitter. Guess the drifting off to sleep didn't last long. 

It's now minutes to 6am, and I saw some light piercing through the window blinds. I knew the sun was about to rise. I grabbed my phone and snapped pictures trying to capture every movement of the sunrise. Simply beautiful sunrises are, I relish in the moment. As I said in my second blog, Dara Sun Sparkles ( I may not be in her presence, but I radiate knowing the sun is here with me. For that, I smile. 

I lay back down smiling, listen to a little more music as I attempt to sleep. It was after 8am when I finally slept. This was an interesting night and beautiful sunrise Monday.

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