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Thursday, February 23, 2012

First step

I went outside today. It's the first time since January 12th when I had surgery. I felt excited and somewhat nervous, because I haven't walked on street pavement or climbed stairs in some time. Today wasn't planned, this decision was very spontaneous! I had to see the sun and feel the breeze. It was around 60 degrees today, there was no excuse for me not to experience such lovely and unusual weather in February. When I left my apartment and approached the stairs, that's when I felt nervous. I remembered something my mom would say to me as a child, "Always put your best foot forward. If you take one step, God will put two behind you." And so I did, I put my best foot forward. I'm off the crutches but walking with a cane. I took my time and made it outside.

I stood looking up to the sky and saw the bright sun. I smiled and took a picture. I breathed in the cool breeze and thanked God for allowing me to be outside. I leaned against the building post and listened to music. It was quiet outside, not many people around except for the construction workers down the block. I didn't care, I was enjoying the moment. I stayed there for a while and took a short walk to the store. I have to get used to walking on concrete ground again, my hip and leg are still weak. I definitely need the cane. Soon I won't need it, but for now I don't mind. I'm just happy to be walking again. The things we take for granted. Something as simple as walking is a blessing. There are many who can't walk, there are many of us who have to adapt to it again. Reality definitely hits home.

For me, I can only smile.


  1. Was very happy to see you out and enjoying the sites of NY. so glad you rehab is coming along well.

  2. Thank you my friend, taking baby steps :)

  3. One step at a time. :) Happy to know that all went well.