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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Transitional love (An introduction)

“Good late morning, sleepy head,” Makayla says to Eric while he is stretching his arms out. “Hey, how long have I been asleep Kayla?” Makayla smiles and reaches over to kiss him. “Oh I would say about a few hours. Did you rest well?” “Yeah, I didn’t expect to sleep so late, must’ve been tired.” Eric pulls Makayla closer to him as their legs intertwine with the bed spread. “You know I’m always happy to have you here with me Kayla. It’s been a tough few days. Work has been kicking my ass.” Makayla sighs, “Yeah I know,” while rubbing her fingers through his dark brown wavy hair. “I’m happy to be here when you have time to have me,” Makayla giggles as she kisses him. They begin to make out when Eric’s cell phone rings. With a deep sigh, Eric mumbles, “Damn, what do they want?” Makayla continues to kiss him. Eric pulls away saying, “I better get that Kayla, you know…” With disappointment, Makayla says, “Okay.” Eric gets out of bed and walks towards the dresser. Makayla sits up holding the pillow in her arms. Eric looks at the phone and answers. “Hello Joe, what do you want?” Makayla looks at Eric while his back is towards her. With occasional “hmms,” Eric rubs his hair back and walks out of the bedroom. After a few moments, Eric returns to the bedroom. Not looking at Makayla, he sits on the edge of the bed with his hands cupping his face. Makayla moves next to him rubbing his shoulder, “Are you okay?” Eric doesn’t say a word. 

“Eric, talk to me, what’s wrong?” “Everything,” he mumbles. Before she could ask another question, Eric stands up facing Makayla. “That was Joe, the station’s director. My show has been canceled.” With surprise, Makayla yells, “What? How could this happen?” She stands up facing Eric. He is silent. “This doesn’t make any sense, Eric. When did this happen? What did Joe say?” Eric says nothing.  Makayla looks out the bedroom and sees Eric’s phone left on the kitchen table. She goes and gets it, and returns to Eric who is now standing near the window. Makayla pulls his arm to face her. She hands him the phone and says, “Call Joe and fight this!” Eric takes the phone and throws it on the bed. “What’s the use Kayla? They’ve been out to get me for some time. There’s nothing to fight so just forget it.” “Eric, come on…” Makayla stops abruptly. Eric looks agitated and yells, “Forget it Kayla, just forget the damn thing! There will be other shows. After all, I am Eric Moore.” Makayla walks away from Eric and sits on the bed. She wipes away tears. Eric watches Makayla cry and puts his hand on her shoulder. “Don’t cry Kayla, I’m going to be alright ok,” Eric says in a low tone of voice. He then picks up his phone and walks out the room. 

Eric Moore has been a reporter for WXAT channel 8 News for nine years. He left channel 8 News to become the host of his own show called, The Moore Hour which is on WXAT sister station, channel 2. He reports on the latest news headlines, conducts interviews, and gives commentary about community issues. The Moore Hour has been on-air for two years. Makayla is the owner of K-bags, an online company that sells women’s handbags and accessories. She has been in business for six years. She is also a contributing writer for a self-help magazine called, Love and Self-Boundaries. Makayla and Eric have been dating for nine months, and this is the first interracial relationship for Makayla. She is African-American, he is Irish. Eric’s free-time is limited. The only time he is able to see Makayla is on the weekends, which are usually busy. This weekend is an exception. Eric puts on a pot of coffee. Makayla joins him in the kitchen and wraps her arms around his waist. Eric turns around and kisses her. 

“I’m sorry for getting upset. I didn’t mean to yell at you.” Makayla smiles and stares into his green eyes, “It’s okay.” “I thought I’d make some coffee and order some brunch. What are you in the mood for?” Makayla presses her body against his and says in a low voice, “You.” Eric turns off the coffee pot. Late afternoon, Eric and Makayla take a walk in the park. They hold hands and enjoy watching people move about. “It’s been a while since we’ve done this Eric. This feels nice,” Makayla says. Eric smiles as they approach the park fountain. There were a few couples standing there, as well as children throwing pennies in the fountain. “Kayla, what are you doing?” Eric says watching Makayla dig in her purse. “Here’s one!” She says. It’s a penny. Eric says in a sarcastic voice, “I know you’re not going to throw away money into some fountain!” “Don’t you have any imagination?” Makayla says pulling Eric towards the fountain. “I believe in wishes don’t you?” as she tosses the penny in the fountain. Eric watches the penny sink into the shallow water. He looks back up to Makayla, “Yeah but a penny is not a wish.” “Oh ye of little faith Eric…part of my wish have already come true. I’m here with you aren’t I?” Eric leans to kiss her but Makayla pulls back. “Not until you ask me what I wished for.” 

“I don’t know, you said part of your wish came true, what’s the other part Kayla?” Eric chuckles. Makayla looks down at the many pennies, dimes and nickels at the bottom of the fountain. She looks up to Eric and says, “I’m spending the day with you. You’re always on the go. My wish is to have more days like this.” Eric smiled slightly but felt concerned. “Kayla…you know I love being with ya but we’ve talked about this. Maybe now that I don’t have a job I’ll have more time to spend with you.” “That’s not what I meant Eric and you know that” Makayla says defensively. She pulls away from him but, he continues to talk. “Kayla, come now, what’s the matter?” “I think I’m falling in love with you, that’s the matter.” They stand there in silence. It felt like hours have passed by before anyone said anything. Eric walks closer to Makayla. He touches her face, looking into her eyes, “I’ve already fallen in love with you Kayla, you have to know that.” Sarcastically, Makayla replies, “I didn’t know that” and smiles. “Well now you know. And I’ll tell you this,” Eric pauses. “My career has always been more important to me than anything. It is my life; it’s all I had until I met you Kayla. You’ve changed that.” Makayla smirks, “Is that a bad thing? I’m not trying to come between you and your career.” Eric chuckles “Don’t be silly Kayla. Not even you could accomplish that. Everything I do is a choice. I choose to be with you because I love you.” The sun begins to set as they hug each other. Makayla whispers to Eric, “But what about your job? What will you do now?” Eric whispers back, “Let’s cross that bridge when we get there. Right now, I just want to love you.”


  1. Great intro. Can't wait to see what bridge they are going to cross!

  2. Thanks so much :) There's definitely more to come!

  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    I'm waiting eagerly at the bridge. :)
    You go girl!!!! :)

  4. An interesting struggle of emotions in what I'm sure will be a challenging relationship for your characters :) The excitement you have for you characters shows in your writing and that is when great writing happens... Keep up the hard work!