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Thursday, February 9, 2012

We did it

10,019 views...I like the way that sounds, the way it looks as I type that number! I'm so proud of this Creative Corner! Thank you to ALL who've been reading and communicating with me here. I always appreciate your feedback and readership. 

So as I sit here baking under the sun (okay I'm by the window but the sun is shining bright), I'm reflecting on the week and how happy I feel. I've reconnected with friends, made amends, and looking forward to what's to come. Although I'm unable to move about as I wish, I'm happy knowing I can still pursue what I want via home. The support I've been receiving from friends, even those I reconnected with, have been wonderful. Sometimes one doesn't know how much they're loved until it's shown. I feel the love and appreciate it very much! My friends aren't limited to only those I know in person, but on Facebook and Twitter as well. I thank them for their support as well. 

Good news! I'm walking with one crutch! On good days, I can walk without any crutches but have to wear a leg brace. The at-home physical therapy is working, as well as having a positive attitude. The sun is my motivation, because every time I see its brightness, it makes me more determined to walk again. I want to go outside. I'm writing more for I write articles mainly about ESL/adult literacy issues in New York City. Here's my profile and articles written: 

I'm grateful for all that's happened, good and bad because my heart is finally at peace.

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  1. Congratulations! Professor to you and your Creative Corner.
    BRAVO......... :)