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Thursday, February 2, 2012

No music to be heard

There are many ways to go home. Today was no different. She contemplated how her journey will begin. She stands at the curb of the sidewalk. About to cross the street, a cabbie beeps his horn loud as he makes a sharp turn. She steps back where her foot lands into a small pothole. Its shallowness is how she felt towards the driver who didn’t have the right of way, and still beeped his horn.  She eventually crosses the street, and begins to walk down an avenue of both commercial and residential buildings. Some were stores and restaurants. The pavement was surprisingly clean, and few people were out on this cold Tuesday. Her hat is almost blown off her head, the wind is so strong. As she proceeds in her walk, she sees numerous bus stops and train stations.  “There’s just too many to choose from” she says to herself as a dog runs up to her leg. The dog is cute, looks like it could be a poodle mixed with some other breed. “I’m so sorry, Missy tends to run up on people” the dog’s owner said. She looked like she could be in her mid 30s and is dressed in workout gear. “It’s alright, I love dogs” as she pet Missy on her head. “I love dogs too; sometimes they seem to have a mind of their own" the dog owner says while tugging at Missy’s collar. “Come on girl” and they walked away. She smiles, and walks towards the subway station.

The train is not one she usually takes going home. In fact, she rarely takes this train. For some reason she wanted to explore a new route, even though it meant a longer commute home. The subway is an interesting place. There you can find people of all types, dressed in different ways; someone starting a conversation with a passerby or if you’re lucky be entertained with music! Unfortunately this subway station didn’t offer any of that. She was disappointed as the train entered the station. The people were ordinary; there wasn’t anyone to talk to, and no music. The train reached its stop. She gets off and climbs up a staircase, walking over to another part of the station. There she catches another train, this time going over a bridge. This kind of train ride she adores because she can look outside. This train offers more than the first. An outside view of the city, people dressed in business suits and mismatched outfits, some reading books, some listening to their iPod, while others bop their head to no music. There is no music played on the train, but the view is good enough. 

The train reaches its stop. She gets off and walks downstairs to take the bus. The bus ride is the shortest part of the trip. The bus was already there receiving passengers. As she gets on, the bus is crowded. There are many baby carriages, bags on the floor making the aisle smaller, children yelling, smell of Chinese food takeout, and people who don’t seem friendly. She made her way to the back of the bus and stood by the back door exit. There was no view except for the back of people’s hairstyles; there are no interesting outfits, no one to talk to, and no music. She ranged the bell as her stop came near. A man sucked his teeth when he saw her reach over his head. The bus stopped, she pushes through the doors and proceeded to walk down the block. She arrives home and hears music from a next door neighbor. She smiles as she enters her apartment.


  1. I like this Dara. Is this something you experience frequently? Those bus people are so rude and the subway peeps seem cool...And its always nice to come home....

  2. Thanks buddy! I've had these experiences too many times :)