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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The letter

The alarm goes off. It's loud. She attempts to hit the snooze button but instead knocks it down on the floor. It’s still ringing. She is groggy and aggravated by the high pitch ringing sound. Leaning over her bed, she picks up the alarm and turns it off. “Thank God!” she says aloud realizing its 6am Saturday morning. “Why is this stupid thing going off on a Saturday?” she mumbles while putting the alarm back on the night stand. She lays back into bed attempting to go back to sleep when her phone rings. Without looking, she answers in a raspy voice, “Hello?” “Hey girl! It’s me Beverley.” “Beverley…oh hey.” Beverley talks loud, as she usually does, “Why do you sound like you just had a bad dream?” With a bit of sarcasm she replies, “Well if you hadn’t noticed it’s after six in the morning.”

“Well girl I won’t keep you long but I have this letter with your name on it. Should I bring it over?” Rubbing her eyes wishing she could return to sleep, she says “Yeah stop by later.” Beverley has been her friend for years. They used to roommate together until she decided it was time to live on her own. Beverley took ownership of the apartment. All her mail has been forwarded to her new address. She is surprised a letter addressed to her was sent to Beverley’s residence. For some reason she didn’t ask who it was from, and Beverley didn’t offer any information. After getting off the phone, she decided to go back to sleep.

It’s 10am and she is preparing breakfast when the door bell rings. It’s Beverley. That’s another thing Beverley didn’t say in their phone conversation, the time she planned on coming over. She opens the door and Beverley quickly walks in as if someone was following her. “Hey girl, how are ya?” In bewilderment she says, “Beverley are you alright?” Kicking off her shoes and tossing her coat onto the couch, she quickly says, “I’m fine, just wanna give you this letter and see who it’s from…ooh what are you cookin?” She walks back to the kitchen. “Beacon, and I’m making French toast, want some?” Waving her hand Beverley says, “Oh no girl, you know I gotta watch my cholesterol!” Beverley pulls out the envelope and stands next to her. She turns off the pan and turns to Beverley.

“So who is it from?” With a chuckle Beverley says, “How am I supposed to know? There’s no return address,” her eyes widen, “maybe it’s from a secret admirer!” She laughs waving her hand, “Oh please!” “No for real, it’s been a while since you had a man!” Beverley laughs. She shies away waving her hand again, “Oh stop. I told you I’m choosing not to date right now.” “And why not? You’re pretty and smart, any guy would be lucky to be with ya.” Beverley puts her hands on her hips with the letter in her right hand. “You know what your problem is?” She takes out the bread and eggs from the refrigerator. Beverley tries to get eye contact and continues to speak. “You’re too damn stubborn! Okay so you had a few bad breakups, it’s not the end of the world. You need to get out there and mingle!” She continues to look away as Beverley walks to the living room and sits on the couch. She prepares the batter for the French toast when she stops and looks at Beverley. “Maybe you’re right. But that doesn’t explain what this letter is all about. So go on, open it and read it to me.” There’s an awkward silence as Beverley opens the envelope. “Okay girl, here goes.” She leaves the kitchen and sits next to Beverley.

Beverley reads the letter aloud. Hello, how are you? It’s been a while and I want you to know you’re on my mind. In fact I’ve been thinking of you often since seeing you on the train. Don’t worry, you didn’t see me and with embarrassment I’m glad you didn’t. It’s been such a long time that I wouldn’t know what to say if I approached you. You look good, you seem happy. I am happy for you. Although we haven’t spoken in some time, just know that I wish you much happiness. Maybe someday I’ll see you on the train again. At least that’s my wish. Take care. 

Beverley looks over to her and says, “Who is this?” She shrugs her shoulders, “I don’t know.” Beverley smirks, “Creepy! Who writes a letter without stating their name or leave a return address?” and hands the letter to her. “Beats me, but this person says they saw me on the train. Sounds recent. I must know them if they knew where to send it.” Beverley looks at her watch. It’s now 10:45am. “Girl I gotta run, I have an appointment. Check your old address book and see who it could be. Maybe it’s an ex boyfriend or something.” She quietly says, “yeah, maybe” as she watches Beverley put on her shoes and coat.

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  1. Secret admirer or a new admirer?? I wonder.
    Okay Professor :) you got my attention. :)