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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Transitional love (cont'd part 2)

It’s Monday morning, and Makayla is sitting at a desk in her home office. She sips her coffee and checks the sales data on K-bags’ website. The sun is shining through the blinds. A stack of papers fall onto the floor from the open window next to the desk, it’s breezy outside. “This month’s sales have dropped a bit…seems like more women are buying the handbags than the accessories,” Makayla says to herself.  She is worried, because designing handbags is more of her specialty than making scarves and wallets. Her assistant, Jena suggested for Makayla to create cell phone cases to help boost up sales. “They’re a hot commodity Makayla, something you should think about” Jena said to Makayla a few days ago. “Yeah that’s true but cell phone cases aren’t my thing. I design handbags. I doubt anyone would want fluffy flowers on their cases,” Makayla said to Jena laughing. “Ok maybe not fluffy flowers, but what about jeweled flowers? Every girl likes a little sparkle right?” Jena said with enthusiasm. Makayla remembers their conversation and mumbles to herself, “Maybe Jena has a point.” The phone rings. 

“Hey you, what do I owe the pleasure of you calling me on a Monday morning?” Makayla says smiling. “I had to call my favorite girl, you know that,” Eric says in a sexy voice. “I better be the only girl mister!” They both laugh. “How are you Kayla?” “I’m good, just here reviewing the sales data from the business. I need to step up my game Eric” she sighs. “Hey now, where’s that confident woman I fell in love with?” Eric always knows how to cheer up Makayla, despite her efforts of self-pity. “I’m still here babe; just feel I could be doing better ya’know. Well anyway, how are you?” Eric is silent for a moment and responds, “Well I heard from Joe. I have to head down to the office.” “Just be careful, don’t want you to become the 5 o’clock news!” Makayla says giggling. “Not to worry Kayla, I am the news remember? I gotta go, talk to you later. Love you.” “Love you too, bye.” Makayla hangs up the phone and takes another sip of coffee.

“Heya Eric, how are ya?” Ben says walking over to Eric. “Hey Ben, have you seen Joe around?” Eric feels anxious and isn’t in the mood for conversation. “He was just here a moment ago. Come to the cafeteria, they have donuts!” Ben says excitedly. They walk to the station’s cafeteria. Ben opens the box of donuts that’s on the table and smiles. “Ah let’s see here, we have Boston crème, jelly, something with sprinkles on it…I think I’ll have a Boston, what about you?” Eric looks over and takes a glaze donut. Before Eric takes a bite, Katie walks in. Ben and Katie worked with Eric at channel 8 News and were also transferred to channel 2. Both are reporters, except Ben reports about education and Katie is on general assignment. Katie has written scripts for Eric for his show. They are all friends. “Good morning Ben. Hey Eric, how are ya?” Katie says holding papers in her hand. “Hi Katie, I’m alright” Eric says taking a bite of the donut. Ben smiles looking at Katie, “Kate, what’s with the papers?” “They’re for…just work Ben.” Katie looks suspicious and walks towards the coffee pot. Eric, still standing, eats the rest of the donut and says to Ben, “So, what’s new?” Ben looks concerned and says in a low voice, “It doesn’t look good buddy. Rumor has it that your contract won’t be renewed. Some are even suggesting transferring you back to channel 8 but you didn’t hear that from me.” Katie is stirring her coffee and walks up to Ben and Eric. 

“I just wanna say I don’t like what they’re doing to you Eric. You’re the best we’ve got.” Ben looks at Katie and back to Eric, “I second that.” Eric smiles slightly but is aggravated by what he heard. “Thanks guys. I appreciate ya keeping me informed.” Katie looks at her watch, “Oh Ben we gotta go, we have that meeting with Joy.” Eric says to Katie, “Who’s Joy?” Ben whispers to Eric, “You don’t know who Joy Saunders is?” Sarcastically, Eric replies, “Humor me.” Ben continues, “Joy is the new assistant director to Joe. She will be deciding what new shows will air and the ones that get the ax. From what I hear, she’s a tough cookie.” Katie interjects, “And she is threatening to make serious changes to the station. Don’t like the sound of that.” Eric looks unimpressed, “So you’re telling me this Joy is a…” Ben hits Eric’s arm as Joe walks in the cafeteria. Katie and Ben simultaneously say, “Morning Joe.” “Morning” Joe says not looking at them. Instead he turns to Eric, “Morning Eric, wait for me in my office will ya?” Eric mumbles “okay” and says bye to Ben and Katie.

“Thanks for waiting Eric,” Joe says as he sits on the black leather chair. “Yeah no problem” Eric responds sounding irritated. “Listen Eric, I know this is difficult for you, but you should know this was the station’s decision.” Joe pauses and notices Eric rolling his eyes. Joe sighs and continues. “You know how much we value the work you do here at channel 2, that’s why we brought you over. The Moore Hour was a hit, why do you think it lasted for two years?” Eric abruptly interrupts Joe and says, “So if it was all that, as you say, why am I getting the boot?” Eric leans forward holding his hands tightly. Joe leans back in the big black chair and smirks. “You know how this business works Eric. You win some, you lose some.” Eric now angry stands up and paces back and forth. Joe is nonchalant over Eric’s reaction and looks at him. Eric then walks up to the desk balls up his fist and slams it down on the desk. The sound could be heard outside the office. “Let’s get something straight, I am Eric Moore. I’ve been in this business long enough to know bullshit when I see it. You can’t just write me off like I’m some intern!” Eric pauses for a moment and continues. “Now something is up and I wanna know what it is!” Joe sits up slowly folding his hands. He says calmly, “Sit down Eric.” Eric stands for a moment and then sits down. 

“Eric, no one is writing you off. We had to cancel your show to make room for new talent. Your ratings were beginning to drop and people wanna hear more about entertainment news than why there’s not enough community gardens. This was a decision made by me and my staff.” Eric leans forward, “So let me get this straight, you and your staff make a decision about my career without consulting with me first? And who’s this Joy character that’s supposed to be your assistant?” “Who told you about her?” Joe says with concern. “Never mind who told me what. You hire some new bimbo, make a decision, and don’t let me in on it? What kind of foolishness is this?” Eric sits back infuriated. Before Joe replies, there’s a knock at the door. Joe says come in and Joy walks in. Eric looks back at her and sneers. Joe signals her to come in. “I’m sorry to interrupt but wanted to let you know our meeting will begin in a few” Joy says noticing Eric’s disgust. Joe says, “No…perfect timing. Have a seat.” Joy sits in the empty seat next to Eric. Joe continues to speak 

“This is Joy Saunders the new assistant director. Joy, I was just telling Eric about you and our decision to cancel his show.” Joy looks at Eric who’s avoiding eye contact. She extends her hand out, “Nice to meet you Mr. Moore, heard great things about you.” Eric responds without shaking her hand, “Yeah, so I’ve heard.” Joy smirks and looks at Joe. Joe says, “Eric, we realize we didn’t talk to you about this beforehand, and you’re right you should’ve been included in the decision process…” Eric yells out, “Tell me something I already know!” Joe continues, “But I’m willing to have you transferred back to channel 8 News. I’ve already spoken to the station’s head, and he agreed to have you return. You’ll be on general assignment.” There’s silence in the room. Eric doesn’t say a word. Joy turns to Eric, “This is a good opportunity for you Eric, something you may wanna consider.” Eric turns to Joy and looks at her intensely, “You know nothing about me.” Joe looks at Eric and says calmly, “Take it or leave it.” Eric stands up and walks towards the door. Before turning the door knob, he looks back at Joe and Joy. “You both can kiss my ass” as he walks out slamming the door behind.


  1. Oh boy!!! this is getting HOT!
    Be careful Eric, don't let this get the best of you.