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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Letting go under sun's reflection

Among a small crowd there’s silence
Water reflects sun’s light in a distance
Pulling out a notebook, find a clean page
My pen takes center stage
“Dearest love” I begin to write
Hoping this letter is worded right
Each word is filled with devotion
Pouring out every bit of emotion
The man I will forever love
He’ll never know except God above
Knowing what is being said
Will never ever be read
No post or email can deliver
This one page filled answer
Well wishes for a happy life
Nothing but smiles, no strife

Efforts made are of no regret
Grateful our paths met
Lingering sadness cannot continue
A decision that's long overdue
Folding up the heartfelt letter
Treating it like some kind of treasure
Walk down the path’s end
Still thinking about my friend
Water catches the tiny note
Watching it stay afloat
Bigger waves quickly grew
Note no longer in my view

Light bounces over moving water
Couldn’t compose myself any longer
Tears fall, goodbye song plays
Reminiscing about the yesterdays
Still hope for a chance at romance
Letting go of this current circumstance

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