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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Transitional Love part 5

The alarm goes off. It’s 6:15am.
“Makayla, turn off your alarm,” Eric says tapping Makayla’s arm.
She moans and says in a low voice, “It’s over there” pointing to the dresser.
Eric gets out of bed and takes Makayla’s phone.
“How do you turn off this damn thing?” Eric says grumpily.
Makalya sits up and holds her hand out. Eric gives her the phone and she turns off the alarm. “Happy now babe, let’s go back to sleep” Makayla says putting the phone under the pillow and lays back down.
Eric looks at Makalya.
She rolls over and notices him staring at her. “What’s wrong babe?”
Eric smiles and shakes his head no. Makayla smiles back and moves her index finger indicating for him to come towards her. Eric climbs back into bed lying on top of Makayla.
She rubs his face and says, “Have I ever told you how incredibly handsome you are Eric Moore?”
“No you haven’t,” Eric says smirking.
“Well allow me to show how much I am a fan of your handsomeness,” Makayla says pulling Eric closer.
They kiss. Eric begins kissing down her neck as Makayla moans in enjoyment. She caresses his back as she arches hers.
“Make love to me Eric,” Makayla whispers.
Eric looks up at Makayla and says in a low voice, “I plan on it baby,” and pulls the pillow from under her head. Makayla’s phone hits the floor.

“Joy, so what’s the deal with Moore?” Joe says to Joy as she stands waiting for the elevator.
“Good morning to you too Joe,” Joy replies with a smirk as she presses the up button.
Joe responds sarcastically, “Yeah yeah, mornings aren’t meant to be good. It’s just another reminder of the bullshit waiting for you at the office.”
The elevator door opens and they both walk in. Pressing 16, Joy turns to Joe giggling.
“What’s so funny?” Joe says.
“You! You are funny Joe. You sure know how to start the day. And to answer your question no I haven’t heard from Eric. He hasn’t returned any of my calls.”
“Typical! He’s a real ass. A damn good reporter too…you didn’t hear me say that,” Joe says abruptly looking at his watch.
The elevator reaches the 16th floor. On the wall is a huge channel 2 logo. They turn right and down the hallway to the glass doors. Joe opens the door and Joy walks in first. Katie sits at her desk reading Love and Self-Boundaries magazine. She is unaware that Joe and Joy are standing there watching her.
“Ahem!” Joe yells out looking stern.
“Oh, good morning Joe, good morning Joy, I’m sorry I was just taking a break…” Katie nervously says as she tosses the magazine in her desk.
“Relax dear…” Joy says and turns to Joe. “Joe, stop scaring this poor girl!”
Joe smirks, “She has no reason to be scared of me, come on!” as he walks towards his office.
Katie looks at Joy, “I apologize… I’m working on a story about a funding scandal at local high schools.”
Joy puts her hand up, “Katie, you don’t have to give me an oral report on what you’re working on. I just want to see the finish product. I trust you will deliver.”
As Joy begins to walk away, Katie stands up, “I really appreciate that Joy.” Joy turns around, smiles at Katie and walks away.

Eric’s phone is ringing. He left his phone on the couch in the living room.
Eric, cuddled under Makayla says, “Kayla, can you get that for me.”
Makayla begins to sit up when Eric pulls her back down.
“Nope I changed my mind,” Eric says and starts kissing her.
“Eric let me get that, it could be important. Then round two,” Makayla says giggling.
“Don’t you mean round three, four, five…”
Eric replies laughing as Makayla gets out of bed. She grabs his phone from the couch.
 As she walks back to the bedroom, Eric says, “Who is it?”
“Like I’m supposed to know! Here.” Makayla smiles and hands the phone to Eric.
Before Eric answers the phone, Makayla whispers, “I’m going to make some coffee,” and walks out the room.
Eric answers the phone. “Hello?”
“Hello Eric, this is Joy Saunders.”
Eric rolls his eyes and replies, “Hello Joy, so you finally caught up to me. What can I do for you?”
“Well I would like to meet with you and discuss an opportunity. Do you have time this afternoon?”
Eric hisses, “Let me check my schedule…oh yeah I don’t have one remember?” There was a brief silence on the phone.
“Well Eric that may not last long. Meet me at my office at 2 and we will discuss details.”
“What makes you think I don’t have plans Joy Saunders?” Eric replies sarcastically.
Joy’s tone changed from friendly to stern, “Eric, be here at 2 okay. See you then.” Before Eric could respond, Joy hangs up the phone. Eric looks at the phone and shakes his head. He tosses it on the bed and walks into the living room.
“Something smells good Kayla!” Eric says sitting on the couch.
Makayla peeks out from the kitchen, “I’m making brunch. We did have a workout; we need to keep our strength for later.”
As Makayla begins to laugh, Eric walks over and holds her waist.
“As tempting as that sounds, I have to head out later.”
Makayla turns around facing Eric, “Why? Who was that on the phone?”  
Eric smirks, “That Joy woman, you know the one I told you about.”
Makayla goes to check on the eggs cooking in the frying pan. Eric continues talking.
            “Can you believe this woman, calling me first off and telling me I need to meet her at her office at 2? She must be dense! There’s a reason why I told her and Joe to kiss my ass. Says she has some opportunity for me.”
Makayla is attempting to make an omelet but isn’t successful.
She responds, “Well maybe this is a chance to get back on TV Eric. See what she wants.”
Eric comes closer to Makayla and looks at the messy omelet saying, “Uh that doesn’t look appetizing!”
He laughs as Makayla tries to salvage the omelet. Eric appreciates her efforts.
“Kayla, I hear ya…alright I will go on one condition.”
 Makayla turns off the stove with the now scrambled eggs in the pan.
She turns to Eric smiling, “What kind of condition?”
“I want my round six, seven, eight…”
Before Eric could finish, Makayla takes the dishtowel and hits Eric on the arm.
They laugh and Makayla replies, “Alright, just don’t lose your temper when you see her okay.”
Eric smiles and says, “Don’t make me promise.”

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