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Monday, July 16, 2012

Ode to PIX 11

Scenes of New York City flash across the TV screen
Theme music plays, reporters on the scene
Welcome to the PIX 11 news at ten
The place of great newswomen and men
How I enjoy tuning in every night
Your delivery of news is out of sight
Look forward to Jodi’s Twitter question
Congrats to every PIX Fix mention
Monica and Howard get the job done
Mocker’s trail is always a lot of fun
Reliable weather from Mr. G’s forecast
Mendte’s commentary cannot be surpassed
Debra, Mannarino, and James Ford
Stories captivate audience, never bored
Interesting talk from Lionel and Munk
Keeping it real, slam dunk
Appreciate my stories put on-air
Just goes to show how much you care
Loyal fan of PIX news, proud to say
Continue to watch you everyday

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