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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No place of passing clouds

Throughout this journey of love
It moves slowly like clouds above
Lots of give and no take
Something precious is at stake
Entangled into web of seduction
Hidden answers leave one to question
This hold that you possess
Feelings not willing to express
Not worthy to be in the same presence
Yet unable to break free from your essence
Uncertain, confusing fable
With no morals brought to the table
Deep emotions rise to the surface
Snatched away like pearls from a necklace
Inexcusable madness
Causes such sadness
Desire to be seen from the crowd
Shouting love out loud
Walks away, ears deaf, eyes shut
Little bit of hope now cut
There are no clouds in the sky above
Leaving heart with unwanted love
Tears fall from the face
That still stands out of place

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