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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Transitional Love part 6

It’s 1:45pm and the newsroom is busy with staff members, interns, and phones that won’t stop ringing. There’s no set lunch break. Joe always tells staff, especially reporters, “News never takes a break so I suggest you eat in one hand and have your mic in another.” Majority of the staff doesn’t take what he says personally. Behind his gruff exterior, they know he means well. Joy is still getting used to her boss. He’s made several passes at her and each time she turns him down. As a divorcee, she isn’t looking to get involved with any man, especially not Joe. Joe, also a divorcee is still bitter in how his marriage ended. He flirts with Joy only when they’re alone, and likes to throw his authority around with staff. Joy is not bothered by his antics. She only has one goal in mind, to make channel 2 the most watched local news, including their sister station channel 8.
            “Hi Eric, good to see ya” Katie says as she opens the door to let Eric in.
“Hi Katie, how are things?”
“The usual, I’m working on a scandal.”
Eric laughs, “You want scandal start with this place!”
Katie giggles, “You know I can’t do that. So what brings you here?”
Eric smirks, “That Joy woman asked to see me…”
Katie’s face expression changed quickly as Joy stands behind Eric.
            “That Joy woman has been expecting you.”
Eric turns around and without hesitation says, “Hello Ms. Saunders, can I call you Ms. Saunders? Or is it Mrs. Saunders?”
Joy unmoved by Eric’s humor responds sternly, “It’s Joy. Let’s go to my office.”
Eric reaches his hand out saying, “After you,” and looks at Katie making a funny face. Katie quietly laughs and turns back to her computer.

Eric walks in the office. Joy asks him to close the door. Joy sits behind her desk while Eric sits on the chair in front of her.
“You know Joy, you really need to get better chairs” Eric says rocking in the chair.
“Eric let’s get down to business. I asked you to come down here because I have an offer that I think you’d be interested in.”
Eric looks at Joy and doesn’t say anything. Joy, feeling irritated by Eric’s nonchalant attitude, continues talking.
“There’s an opening at channel 8. I know Joe said you would be on general assignment but I pulled some strings and we want you to be a commentator instead. You would have a segment on the six o’clock news and another at 11pm.You would be commentating on stories of your specific interest. You may have a weekend segment.”
Eric folds his arms. Joy leans forward and says in a low voice, “Look Eric, I’m trying to help you out here. Joe doesn’t know about this opportunity.”
“So Joe doesn’t know huh? This sounds good but why are you doing this? What’s in it for you?”
“The fact I can help someone that’s damn good at their job is satisfying for me. Plus, you need to be on channel 8.”
            “Joe put you up to this didn’t he? Listen Joy, no offense but I don’t believe in handouts. If I wanted to return to channel 8 I could. I don’t need your help—“
Joy interrupts Eric, “I know that, you are Eric Moore…” she smiles, “But there is another reason why I’m offering you this opportunity.”
Eric stands up, his voice elevates, “See I knew there had to be something in it for you! So what is it? It can’t be personal…I have a girlfriend.”
Joy smirks and sarcastically says, “Don’t flatter yourself Moore.
Eric laughs. Joy stands and walks to the front of her desk. She leans back folding her hands.
            “You can be a real ass you know that.”
            “Yeah I heard that before. So what’s up Saunders?”
“Well you already know that channel 5 news is pulling a lot of ratings right. I was brought here to make sure channel 2 not only generate ratings but beats out our competition…”
“And?” Eric says rolling his hand forward.
Joy smiles, “You can be the one to make all this possible. Let’s face it; your show had a great audience. People enjoyed watching you. Since its cancellation, channel 8 hasn’t been the same. They’re okay in ratings but not where they should be. I figured with you back on 8 and me here at 2, together we can top channel 5. So…do we have a deal?”
Before Eric could answer, Joe comes into the office. Joe points at Eric and begins to chuckle.
Eric becoming irritated looks at Joe and says, “What’s so funny?”
Joe doesn’t answer Eric and instead looks at Joy. “Private meeting with Moore and I wasn’t invited? What the hell is going on kids?”
Joy shrugs her shoulders at Joe saying, “Nothing much.”
Eric stands up and walks towards Joe.
He puts his hand on Joe’s shoulder and says, “Here’s the deal, um, Joy here offered me a job back at channel 8. A commentator gig at that...” Eric stops to look over at Joy and back at Joe. “…And I decided to take her up on the offer.”
Joe pushes Eric’s hand off his shoulder.
Joy smiles and says to Eric, “Great, I’ll call you with the details and start date.”
Eric nods his head and proceeds to walk out. Joe hardly moves out of the way.  He closes the door and looks at Joy in disbelief.

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