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Friday, March 2, 2012

Dara walks and she is happy

"You're doing a lot better, glad to see it!" My doctor said to me as he took the stitches out from my leg. "Wow you healed so well. Let's get you set up for physical therapy and you'll be all set." I smiled and said, "Thank you, I feel a lot better." I was done in ten minutes. My mom accompanied me to the doctor's office. I tried to convince her that she didn't have to come with me. She wasn't trying to hear that. I'm glad she was there. "You're done already?" Mom said with surprise. "Yep, told you it wouldn't be a long visit" I replied with confidence. "So what did he say?" "He said I can walk again." At this point, his assistant gave me some paperwork to review. I thanked her for helping me through this process. She is very nice. My doctor is nice too.I thank him for healing me.

Afterwards, we headed back to Brooklyn and went to our favorite diner. I had a cup of coffee. I haven't had coffee in seven weeks! Oh how I missed it. I tweeted my friends letting them know the good news. I did the same on Facebook. Their support has been wonderful. I know they're happy for me. We then went to my favorite teachers' store where I was reminded why I became a teacher. I saw so many things I wanted, so many things I ended up buying. One of those things were four boxes of colorful chalk. I used chalk when I taught ESL classes at night. I also bought glitter. "Why are you buying glitter?" Mom asked. "You know me, I love glitter. Besides I'll probably use it to make something creative!" I said this while admiring its sparkle. Buying the chalk, however was very significant for me. I want to have it so I'll be prepared when I teach...again. I plan to be back in the classroom teaching ESL. My classroom door isn't closed yet.

There's this religious store I love going to, because of its sweet smell when walking inside. Plus, all the sales people are welcoming. I've shopped there before, it's where I gain spiritual inspiration. I bought two books about inspiration and understanding one's spirituality. I enjoy reading this subject matter. I'm proud to love God. After reading various material and enjoying the Christian music played, we left and went home. Heading out this morning felt good. There was no sun but I didn't care. Feeling the cool air on my face felt great. Taking the bus and train was okay, I didn't feel uncomfortable. Walking down the subway stairs is easier than walking up, but I wasn't in as much pain as I anticipated. In fact, I felt okay. I still walk with the cane for balance, but I'm confident I won't be using it much longer. I'm patient, after all I waited this long right?

I'm very grateful of this progress, this journey I've experienced. I'm happy to be walking again. I'm ready to go back to doing what I do best, teach. Stay tuned and thanks to all for your love and support.

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  1. God is good. :) You look radiant Professor.
    .....And then I rise....