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Friday, March 9, 2012


Reflecting, I do this quite often. Many who know me knows I like to reflect. It can be on a variety of things, some good, some bad. The bad I do not like. I believe reflection is important in sorting out the emotions. At times, they can have a mind of their own. The directions they take can be beneficial or hindering. It all depends on the person and situation. I reflect because it helps me understand things better. Reflecting is like second nature to me.

This week I had a chance to reunite with my students. We had dim sum and discussed life after ESL class. I was overjoyed to hear they're all doing so well. One is going to college this Fall, and another is having her first child. Their spoken English was good, some improved more than others. Being amongst them felt like being with friends, they are my friends. Their concern over my health and news of surgery was comforting. They were happy by how well I was walking. "Do you really need the cane teacher?" one friend asked. I said yes and that I use it for balance. When we left, I told them that this won't be the last time we meet. I plan to hang with them soon. That same afternoon, I went to my neighborhood park and took some pictures. I usually don't go in there because of its bad reputation. I didn't feel worried, even though I was alone. The weather was so nice, and the sun was shining bright. I couldn't resist. Eventually, I saw a few people walking by, but neither they or I stayed long. I grew up near this park. There are some changes, but it still looks the same.

The remainder of the week I stayed home. I could've gone out but didn't. I have to remind myself that even though I can walk better doesn't mean I'm completely healed. I didn't write much, except for today. I spent most days reflecting, reading, and praying. I chatted some on Facebook and Twitter but didn't have much to say there. I guess there are those moments one feels quiet. This was my moment. I won't deny that I have some concerning things on my mind. I'm trying to keep busy even though I have no schedule. I need not to worry about the unknown, but instead embrace it. Reflection helps, at least it does for me.

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  1. I love the picture of the sun shining through the trees, amazing....... :) and Von King Park looks lovely.
    It's good to reflect from time to time. :)