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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Poetic transport

Author’s Note: This poem is inspired by MTA’s Poetry in Motion

Chillin’ on the B38
I'm left to contemplate
This poetry in motion
Definitely takes devotion
What poetic words can I say
about the infamous MTA?

Frequent train delays
Rats invade subways
Times Square station is reportedly clean
Eating off its floor has yet to be seen

Sometimes this bus I ride
Can be a pain in my side
Its overcrowding and lateness
Many say “I’m not going to take this!”
Nearby is a train called G
Not always reliable for many

Even though all service isn’t bad
Constant fare hikes make us mad
How can members say there’s no money
When new projects are created yearly?

Our system keeps NYC going
Allows traffic underground flowing
We are part of this poetic system
I wonder about its future outcome

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