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Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1st: A new month, a new project

Happy March 1st! I would be happier if the sun was out. It's cool and rainy here in New York City, and doesn't feel like Spring. I'm not a fan of the rain. I don't like the grayness it brings. It tends to make me sad or very quiet. I must admit this is good reflecting weather, and I like listening to the raindrops. The quietness rain brings does help in my creative process. I guess rainy days aren't so bad, but I'll always prefer sun over rain any day! Since today is the beginning of a new month, I'd like to share two new projects I'm working on here at the Creative Corner. I'm writing two short stories simultaneously. Originally, I was only going to write one series of short stories, but suddenly Transitional love came along and took over! Allow me to introduce fiction, my way.

No music to be heard, The letter, and Beach water are three short stories that are connected with each other. They tell a story of a woman who is trying to find her place in the world. A letter she discovered will become an important aspect in her journey. What journey is that? Stay tuned.

Transitional love is a short story with no relation to the three I just mentioned. It's a love story between two people from different backgrounds and with different perspectives on love and life. The two main characters, Eric Moore and Makayla, will face adversity in their relationship as well as in their careers. Their transitions will either lead them closer together or farther apart. What will the future hold for these two? Keep reading to find out!

I've written short stories for some time, but was never confident to share them publicly until now. Writing fiction is still new to me, since I'm used to writing about real life events. However, loosely basing my characters on people I know or real life events really adds to a story. I believe it allows fantasy to become reality, which is always fun. Spring is definitely in the air for the characters in these stories. It's still rainy and gloomy where I'm at. For now, I'll let the rain influence my creativity to bring sun into my characters' lives.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Transitional Love is getting HOT and I eagerly await the next chapter of No Music to be Heard, The letter and Beach water.