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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Transitional love (cont'd part 4)

It’s been three weeks since Makayla heard from Eric. She left voicemails and text messages but no response. Eric hasn’t returned any of Makayla’s calls. Since their disagreement at the pub, Makayla has been focused on work. Jena has been assisting Makayla in making phone calls, keeping track of sales, and buying color swabs and pattern samples from Darlene’s Fabric shop. At Makayla’s home office, she and Jena are deciding on which colors and patterns to use for the handbags. However, Jena notices Makayla is quiet and isn’t giving much input.

“So what’s up with you and Eric,” Jena asks.
Makayla sorts through the pattern samples. Jena continues to speak.
“I know you’re unhappy with the way things went down at the pub, but it’s been three weeks and still no phone call? Not even a text message? Eric is such a jerk!”
Makayla looks up at Jena slightly irritated.
 “Eric is not a jerk. He’s just upset right now.”
Jena hisses and rolls her eyes, Makayla continues.
“You don’t know Eric like I do. He counted on me to be there for him and what do I do? I get angry and tell him I’m disappointed in him. Wouldn’t you be upset?”
Jena nods her head in agreement but still disagrees with Eric’s actions.
“Yeah but come on. It’s not your fault Eric acted like an idiot! By him not calling you shows how immature he’s being. You don’t deserve that!”
Makayla responds angrily. “Eric loves me and I let him down. He has every right to be upset with me.”
Jena looks at Makayla trying to make eye contact.
“Does he love you?” Jena says in a low voice.
“Of course he does, what kind of question is that?” Makayla smirks.
“Well then, if he loves you he would call you right? What’s the hold up?”
Makayla sighs, “Just drop it will ya.”
Jena begins to walk away then turns around.
 “Do you love him Makayla?”
Makayla tosses the samples aside and looks at Jena.
“I do, I care about him.”
“That’s not answering the question Makayla; do you love him yes or no?” 
Makayla shakes her head, “Let’s get back to work.”

The door bell rings. Makayla answers the door and it’s Michelle. Michelle is Makayla’s accountant and a licensed realtor. Michelle is currently looking for rental space for Makayla’s launch of her Fall handbag collection. Makayla hopes by showcasing a preview of new handbags it will attract current and potential buyers. Michelle hugs Makayla and waves at Jena. Jena looks annoyed as she waves back at Michelle.
            “Did I come at a bad time?” Michelle says with concern.
            “No you didn’t. Do you have good news for me Michelle?
            “Where should I begin Makayla?” Michelle says confidently.
They both walk back to the office while Jena continues sorting through the color swabs.

It’s dark inside the house although it’s mid afternoon. A half bottle of whiskey sits on the floor next to the couch Eric is laying on. The TV is on showing an infomercial about new exercise equipment. As Eric rubs his eyes he mumbles, “What the hell is this?” and looks for the remote control. He sits up and didn’t realize he was laying on it. He turns off the TV. His cell phone buzzes on the table. Eric stands up, stretches his arms, and lets out a long sigh. He walks over to the table and picks up the phone. There are twenty-five new messages. Most of them are voicemails, a few are texts. Eric walks back to the couch slightly kicking the bottle of whiskey. It doesn’t fall. 

As he sits on the couch he plays the voicemails. Majority of them are from Makayla asking where he is and to call her back. One was longer than the rest.
“Eric, I know you’re mad at me right now and I do understand. I didn’t mean to upset you and I should’ve been more supportive. I haven’t heard from you in days and I’m worried. I’m sorry. Please call me back…I love you and miss you. Whatever you decide to do I’ll support you okay? Please call me.”
Eric could tell Makayla was crying. He hates to see or hear her cry. The next message was from Joy Saunders from channel 2.
Hello Eric, this is Joy Saunders from channel 2. I know we didn’t meet on the best of circumstances, but I would like to talk to you about something that may be of interest to you and your career. Call me as soon as possible, thanks.”
Another message was from Ben who asked if he was okay. Before checking his text messages, a new text came in. It’s from Makayla saying, “I’m thinking of you…” Eric tosses the phone on the couch. He leans back looking up at the ceiling. “Damn why do I love her so much?” he says to himself. After a few minutes, he grabs his phone and calls Makayla. 
            “Hello?” Makayla says.
            “Hello Kayla, it’s me” he says in a raspy voice.
            “Eric…how are you?”
            “I’m here…how are you?”
Makayla hesitates and responds, “Busy, just busy.”
“Yeah?” Eric says in a low voice.
There’s silence for a while. Eric begins to speak.
            “I’m sorry Kayla. I’m sorry for everything.”
Makayla is silent. Eric senses she is crying but doesn’t inquire.
            “Eric…” Makayla says in a low voice.
            “I need to see you. Will you come and see me?” Eric says abruptly.
            Without hesitation she says, “I’m on my way.”

 An hour passed and Makayla hasn’t showed up to Eric’s apartment yet. He showered, finished straightening up the place, and put on a playlist of soft rock from his iPod. He feels anxious. He sits on the couch and checks his phone for any messages. There aren’t any. Ten minutes later, the bell rings and its Makayla. Eric buzzes her in and opens the door. Makayla walks in and smiles at Eric. He closes the door and looks at Makayla.
            “Hi Eric, sorry I’m late.” she says in a low voice.
            “Hi Kayla.”
As Makayla begins to take off her coat, Eric grabs her arm and pulls her to him. They are closely standing face to face. Eric touches her face and Makayla stares into his eyes.
            “I love you Kayla, I love you so much.”
“I love you too Eric, I’m sorry for hurting you” Makayla says holding her head down.
Eric lifts her chin up and smiles at her. “That doesn’t matter now, I’m just glad you’re here.”

He kisses her. She wraps her arms around his broad shoulders. Eric wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her closer to him. They kiss passionately. Makayla slightly pulls away looking into Eric’s eyes, and rubs her fingers through his hair. Eric caresses her back holding her close. She leans into him and kisses him some more. He moves his hands from her waist and grabs the sides of her coat pulling her closer. She feels him become excited. Eric kisses Makayla harder and pulls off her coat. She pulls up his undershirt over his head, and tosses it to the floor. He unbuttons her blouse. Eric turns Makayla around and pins her back against the wall. Their passion lasts throughout the evening.

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