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Saturday, March 24, 2012


It's cloudy here in New York City, it's quiet in my neighborhood, and there's not much to do. Usually Saturdays are days to run errands, do homework, watch TV or maybe go out to a movie. If you're a writer like me, this is a good day to let the creative juices flow and write. So here I am doing just that, and singing to my favorite songs. Since yesterday, I've been reflecting a lot on things, particularly people in my life, love, friendship, and spirituality, all the biggies! I think about my friends often. Some I think of more than others. Many of them may already know this, but just in case I will say that they are always in my thoughts. I love them all. I worry about them when they are not happy or going through something. I can sense when something is bothering them whether they tell me or not. I have a variety of friends. Some are very outgoing, outspoken, and even rebellious. Some are quiet, not as expressive when it comes to their emotions or nonchalant. Then there are my academic friends who love school just as much as I do, and enjoy discussions about education and research.

I like the variety of friends I have, because I can relate to them all on some level. I like my outspoken friends because we share that in common. We're not afraid to tell it like it is. Also, I like listening to their stories, and attitude towards dealing with certain situations. I learn from them. My quiet friends are very interesting. I love their mystery and shyness. There are a few who told me they like that I'm talkative and outgoing. I like it when they do open up to me. I appreciate that the most because they trust me to share things with me. I'm always here to listen and support them in any way I can. I enjoy my academic friends because we have the same interests. They are the ones I can freely express my love for school to, and know I won't be called a "nerd" for it. However, I don't mind being called a "geek." The word "nerd" has been my name growing up, and it was used in a negative way. I'm not a fan of it, like I'm not a fan of being called "fat." I prefer the term "plus size" or "voluptuous."

There are friends I haven't met in person yet. These are my Facebook and Twitter friends. They are also special to me, because we share things and bond like real friends. I would love to meet them all someday. One thing that's in common with everyone is I am there for my friends. I have been known to travel to see how they are, or stopping what I'm doing to talk with them about everything or anything. I like to listen, and try to be understanding to what they're going through. This is tough at times, because I may not have experienced what they're experiencing. I always strive to be as comforting as possible to whatever it is they're going through. Every person is different. There are some friends I give hugs to, some I smile at and wish them well, others I just give eye contact and remain silent. Sometimes just listening to someone is all that person needs. I respect every one's boundaries.

I love my friends. I hope they all know that, and if not I would be happy to remind them.


  1. The first thing that came to mind when reading this post is that, I am not in the least bit surprised you have a diverse group of friends; because you are such a genuine nice person and it shows, whether in person or over lines of communication like this.

    Thanks for sharing a touching post and dedicating it to those around you.

    Oh and I love your enthusiasm for writing!

  2. Thank you my friend and fellow writer! I appreciate your kind comments! I love all my friends because they not only mean a lot to me, but help me be the woman I am today. I always appreciate your support of my writing, thank you thank you! ((hugs)) and smiles!