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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Transitional love (cont'd part 3)

“Hey Jena, it’s me. Can you stop by my house later this afternoon? I wanna talk to you about the cell phone case idea. Call me back, thanks.” Makayla leaves Jena a voicemail as she walks to Darlene’s Fabric Shop. Darlene’s Fabric Shop always has the best fabrics with unique patterns. Makayla needs new ideas for her Fall handbag collection. Sales have dropped, and emails from customers have been requesting “bags with more style.” Makayla hopes her Fall collection will not only give customers what they want, but will generate more revenue. “Hey you!” Darlene says to Makayla. “Hi Darlene, have any new patterns for me?” Darlene smiles and pulls out her fabric book. As she opens it, Makayla is amazed by the colorful display. “So my darling, here’s a paisley print that I think is fabulous! Look at how those swirls just mesh together, it’s like making love!” Makayla laughs, “Making love? Oh please!” Darlene truly loves her business, and enjoys sharing her enthusiasm with Makayla. Makayla has been buying from Darlene since starting her business. Makayla trusts Darlene’s suggestions; since it’s helped her handbags become a hit with customers. “Darlene, this is nice! But I’m looking for something with a silk feel, you know.” Darlene looks at Makayla doubtful. “Silk? I don’t know about that. Silk is a funny material and for handbags…hmm.” Makayla looks through the book and says, “Maybe you’re right, I’ll look for something else.” Darlene says confidently, “Aren’t I always? Take your time. I have to go to the back but if you need any assistance my new assistant Julio will be of help.” Julio is a nineteen year old aspiring fashion designer, originally from Brazil, who adores working for Darlene. He is very dedicated and helpful to customers. “Hi Miss, anything you need just call,” Julio says smiling at Makayla. Makayla looks up at Julio and smiles warmly, “I’ll make sure to do just that.” Makayla takes the pattern book with her, and walks down an aisle with huge rolls of fabric. As she looks up at a forest green material with some gold trim, her phone rings. It’s Eric.

“Hey babe, how’s things at the office?” Makayla says warmly. There a brief pause. “Kayla…” Eric sounds troubled. “Eric, what’s wrong? You don’t sound too good. Did you go to the office? Did you see Joe?” Makayla knew she was asking many questions before allowing Eric to answer any of them. When she senses something wrong, she tends to say everything in one breath. There’s a long pause and Eric says, “I quit Kayla. I couldn’t let them do this to me and get away with it. So I quit.” Before Makayla could answer, the pattern book slipped from her hands, and fell to the floor. Julio walked up asking if she was alright. Makayla nodded picking up the book. Julio walks away looking back at Makayla concerned. “Kayla, are you there?” Eric says. Makayla trying to hold the phone and pattern book walks to the end of the aisle. “Eric, what do you mean you quit? What did Joe say?” “It’s exactly what Joe said that made me quit. Kayla, I need to see you. Can you meet me at the pub in an hour?” Annoyed, Makayla replies, “Ok I’ll be there” and hangs up the phone. She walks back to the counter and hands the book to Julio. “Hey, could you tell Darlene I’ll be back tomorrow. I gotta go.” “Sure Miss, I’ll let her know” Julio says as Makayla quickly leaves the store. As she walks down the block, the phone rings. Makayla answers angrily, “Hello!” “Well hello to you too,” Jena responds sarcastically. “Sorry Jena thought you were someone else.” Before Jena could respond, Makayla kept talking. “Listen Jena, can we postpone our meeting till tomorrow? Something important just came up.” “Okay…is everything alright?” Jena says with concern. “We’ll talk. Call you later, bye” Makayla hangs up the phone. 

“Here you are sir, a double shot of Jameson” the waiter says putting the glass on the wooden table. Eric mumbles, “Thanks.” The waiter smirks at Eric, “Hard day I take it?” Eric looks at him irritated, “You don’t know the half of it.” The waiter walks away when Makayla walks in the pub. She sees Eric sitting in the corner taking a shot of whiskey. He slams the glass down and looks at his watch. Makayla stands there for a moment observing the man she’s looked up to for the past nine months, the man she is now disappointed in. Eric looked drunk, even though he wasn’t. Tears welled up in Makayla’s eyes when the waiter approached her. “Hi, can I get you something?” Makayla looks at the waiter disgusted and walks towards Eric. Eric fumbles with his watch and could smell Makayla’s perfume. He looks up at her saying “Kayla.” He stands up to kiss her on the cheek. Makayla moves away. Eric looks surprised, “What’s wrong with you?” Makayla looks at Eric angrily, “No, what’s wrong with you?” They both sit down. Eric signals the waiter over. “Hey, uh I’ll have another double shot and she’ll have...” Eric looks at Makayla. She looks at the waiter and says, “A martini for me.” The waiter nods and walks away. 

“So I guess you’re mad at me huh?” Eric smirks. “Just tell me what happened Eric” Makayla says impatiently. “Okay fine. Joe tells me he had to cancel my show, brings in some bimbo as his assistant, and offers me a job at channel 8 News. Says I’ll be on general assignment. I told him and her to kiss my ass.” The waiter brings the drinks. Makayla takes a huge sip of her martini and sets the glass down. Eric looks at Makayla and takes a shot of whiskey. The waiter notices the exchange and walks away. “Good martini huh?” Eric chuckles. “I’m not in the mood for jokes Eric.” Makayla takes another sip. “Kayla, what’s your problem? Last time I checked you still have a job” Eric says sarcastically. “Don’t turn this on me Eric. You know damn well why I’m upset!” Makayla yells. “Hey keep your voice down!” Eric says in a low voice. “I’m disappointed in you. Joe offers you your job back, and you turn it down? Why? Because of some assistant? Because of your show cancelled? So what?” Makayla notices Eric’s eyes become a darker shade of green as he leans forward in the chair. “So what huh? Thanks for letting me know how you really feel Kayla.” Eric pulls out his wallet. Makayla puts her hand on his wrist. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. I just think you could’ve handled the situation better.” Eric pulls away and takes out his debit card, avoiding eye contact with Makayla. 

“Eric, listen to me. I understand losing the show was a low blow. But there’s no shame in going back to your old job at channel 8. It’ll get you back out there…” Makayla pauses as she watches Eric’s jaw clench. “Kayla, I didn’t bust my ass all these years just to get written off. Joe is a bastard and I have no respect for the guy. He has been plotting this for some time. Why do you think my show would change time slots? One minute it’s on at 7pm, then at 9pm, to not being aired daily. He’s been trying to get me out since I got there! Going back to channel 8 isn’t the issue Kayla. It’s the fact that I’m being treated like some has-been that needs a hand out! I won’t stand for it.” Makayla doesn’t say anything for a moment allowing Eric to calm down. She smiles at him and rubs his hand. Eric pulls his hand away. “Don’t be like that” Makayla says in a low voice. Eric grabs her hand and stares into her eyes. “Don’t be like what Kayla, hmm? The woman I love sits here mad at me for a decision I made instead of supporting me. Where’s your loyalty?”  “It’s looking right at you Eric and I do support you. But I still think accepting the job would’ve been a smart move.” Eric holds her hand for a moment, he looks disappointed. Makayla looks away from Eric and takes another sip of her drink. Eric lets go of her hand and puts the debit card back into his wallet. There’s silence between them. He stands up, takes out two $20 dollar bills and puts the wallet back in his pocket. Makayla looks up at Eric perplexed. He hovers over Makayla saying in a low voice, “I guess you don’t know me at all Kayla.” Eric tosses the money on the table. “Drinks on me.” “Where are you going? Eric!” Makayla yells as he walks out the pub.

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  1. Oh boy, this is getting better. :) Look out Eric, you might have some competition....Julio.